Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4 Link Log

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Amazon Book Link 

More timely than you might think...

Armed Citizen Fights Crime 

I say the Pizza Hut employee deserves a promotion. The mother of the deceased thief...deserves to be allowed to visit her grandchild once a year. And every child deserves to grow up knowing that trespassers don't live long.


The Concerned Women of America are still praying...I don't know how many of them have done the 24-hour fast yet. Well, I did...last Sunday, the full ceremonial fast, nil per ore, no food, no water, no medicinal garlic, no caffeine, no vitamins, no chewing gum, and no toothpaste. I usually drink a lot of water while fasting--last did a waterless ceremonial fast when I was sixteen--and was surprised, all over again, by the difference it makes.

Pray that we will trust only in the Lord.

While we live, we shall praise You, Lord.
Blessed are the people who put their trust
Not in the might of their armies or political prowess,
But who put their trust in You, the Great I Am.

Isaiah 26: 3-4 – “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.”

Farming (in Domestic Policy) 

Veronique de Rugy exposes the current administration's long-overdue bid for sympathy from "farmers":

Food (Yum) 



It never occurred to me to be afraid of the Bay Bridge, or cash in on the people who are...


Melissa reviews a movie to watch while cuddling your cat (or even dog):

Politics (Election 2016) 

Lloyd Marcus shares a cartoon:

Melania Trump shares her lack of intelligence. She might have learned something about online "cyberbullying" from the bogus blocking of e.g. Mike Pence on Twitter, but no, she thinks children need to be protected from seeing "unkind words." Clue for the clueless: children (who like each other) have been observed sending each other the rudest words they knew, and giggling, because at a certain age (for me it was four or five) just writing those rude words is fun. (If you receive rude words in cyberspace, the appropriate reaction is to visualize them coming from a four-year-old who has just figured out how to type them.)

(Compare...the author of the "brutal note" was obviously very rude in making a valid observation, but is it possible for a note to be "brutal"? What species of wild brute writes notes? )

How much harm does "early voting" do? Well...not as a counter-argument but as a sidelight on Jonah Goldberg's observations, below, I'll mention something my parents often reminisced about from their time in California. The United States are such a big country that night falls, polls close, and votes are counted in the Eastern States right around the time Californians typically get off work and go to the polls. My parents said they always heard people in California saying, "My candidate's already winning/losing, so why bother going to vote?" Those people felt discriminated against, of much so that, around the time I was born, a lot of them (beginning with, but not limited to, a Black ghetto neighborhood) were carrying on the biggest riot in U.S. history. California is the second largest of the contiguous States, home of some of the biggest cities, in our nation; that's a lot of disgruntled voters. Early voting gives those voters a chance to be heard. And if people back East don't like the way the election's going in California, nature's timing gives us a chance to put in the last word.

Mona Charen...I suspect mere competitiveness in this one. I thought I was expressing the ultimate in disgust with this election when I posted that my vote is officially for sale. MC is even more disgustipated.

The Catholic Church reminds us that voting for Clinton has not officially been ruled a mortal sin...NBC may be big enough to get away with it, but setting up a web site as annoying and distracting as this one has to be a Mortal Sin of Web Site Design; might even be some sort of sin in the moral sense.

Politics (General) 

Let's face it: not all children have the option of spending time at home, or even at work, among educated adults. But when I studied language development in young children...which is what the I.Q. test primarily measures, and why some ethnic groups are supposedly smarter than others and so's possible to get a wider variance between the performance of an individual college freshman when he is or isn't underhydrated than has ever been observed between average Americans of Asian versus African descent, but you get even wider, more consistent, variance between the performance of children who spend most of their time with a full-time parent and children who spend time in day care or "preschool" or even with siblings. Firstborn and only children outscore younger children almost every time, often dramatically. A welfare-class Mexican-American boy in a slum, with a full-time mother, has an advantage over a rich Chinese-American girl in a nice neighborhood, with a "play group." That's not even asking whether children at that pre-social stage prefer to be at home or in "preschool programs" (even some of the ones whose homes might be classified as abusive prefer to be at home). So Candidate Clinton is, as the Old Left so often are, out of touch, mindlessly spouting ideas that sounded new and hip fifty years ago and have been proved wrong by now. And if you have any alternative to enrolling a child in any kind of "preschool program," please take it.

Meanwhile, Mat Staver is still backing Justice Roy Moore against the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The Cato Institute studies the incidence of race prejudice in online ride-sharing sites. (This web site would like to remind users of Lyft, Uber, and similar: if you post that you're willing to share your car with someone you don't know personally, and you change your mind because of the way the person looks, and the way the person looks is not "brandishing a deadly weapon, frothing at the mouth, and threatening my life," you are a liar.)




Today's sales at Zazzle feature pillows. I was fascinated by the variety of animals. Zazzle will print any pet picture you might have on a pillow...even if it's an unpopular species!