Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10 Link Log

Well, I'm sick today; I know it's from contaminated food, but I'm not sure what. Was it the cornstarch in the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios I tried, for the first time? Was it something to do with those store-brand "cocktail peanuts" that tasted strangely like dry-roasted "low sodium" peanuts, only faintly bitter, but not the meta-mega-bitter-plus-fetid taste that indicates fungus damage--did that taste mean they were "ripened" and "preserved" with glyphosate? How many toilet bowls full of blood will it take to get Monsanto's "Roundup" poison and its "Roundup-Ready" poison-tolerant GMO corn banned? Anyway, today's Categories: Animals, Christian, Fashion, Food, Fun Facts, Games, Gardening, Health, Marketing, Phenology, Poem, Politics, Sports, Television, Travel, Writing, Zazzle.



How the American gray squirrel got to be known as the "Central Park squirrel" species:

Were you even familiar with the other squirrels that are native to the Eastern States? They're still here, but tend to be out-competed and displaced by the gray ones. (Note how different American red squirrels look from European red squirrels, especially about the ears...despite appearances, they're not similar enough to crossbreed.)

Black squirrels crossbreed freely with grays, unless of course you're talking about fox squirrels, which can also be black and are much much bigger than either red or gray squirrels:

Fox squirrels can weigh up to three pounds and can look red, gray, black, white, or a combination. The scientific names are confusing; fox squirrels are more closely related to European red squirrels than American red squirrels are, and although most fox squirrels aren't black they're the species whose Latin name suggests that they ought to be black...


This prayer was e-mailed out before the election. It has not lost relevance since.

Pray that our leaders will always pursue righteousness.

Lord, may our leaders strive to be righteous;
May they see and seek Your Truth above all.
May they lead with fear and humility.
Help us to hold them accountable
To Your high standards.

Psalm 58:11 – “And men will say, ‘Surely there is a reward for the righteous; Surely there is a God who judges on earth!’”


Ryan Barfuss takes a funny view of the women's fashion industry, specifically hair styling:

Bronwen Phoenix is actually in a majority of women who've opted just to wear what works for us, whether the commercial media are calling that style "fashion" or "retro." (Retrospective to what? The shape of dresses and suits I buy can be traced back to 1946, but the actual garments were made in the 1990s, a few even more recently when a designer has used common sense rather than following the Mad Ave Misogynists.) Fwiw, this blog post won an in-house award from Newzlet. Congratulations BP.

Food (Your Call) 

Which peppers are the hottest?

Food (Yuck) 

This documentary series may overburden your computer; it starts out with a big splashy self-playing video. If you think your browser can handle it, check out this study of glyphosate, GMO's, cancer and related topics. I must regretfully decline, myself. Perhaps some correspondent can transcribe the text for me.

Food (Yum) 

If cold weather raises your interest in hot chili, here's a recipe...I would leave out the sugar, altogether, and I'd also note that you can cook chili beans with no meat and add (gluten-based) vegan crumbles, or crumble in (possibly homemade and gluten-free) veggie burgers, for a vegan chili.

MorningStar Farms Meal Starters Grillers Crumbles, 12 Ounce -- 6 per case.

"Stove Top" stuffing mix is gluten-based. If you have a reliable source of gluten-free, non-GMO, glyphosate-free cornmeal, you could substitute cornbread and make a delicious stuffing-type meal:

This stir-fry recipe doesn't mention how the noodles are cooked, but it's a basic delicious stir-fry--chicken, veg, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Rice or noodles would be cooked separately as directed on the package.

Nut "butters":

Fun Facts 

Dan Lewis supplies the fact...

...that inspired this work of fiction. (When I ganked the picture from Amazon, the "sponsored link" that popped up mentioned a book I've not read for "fans of Coraline." The Stolen Lake is also a funny-creepy story for fans of Coraline. When it first appeared I remember not liking this twist in the Wolves Chronicles...previous stories in that sequence had stuck to the realm of the just-barely-possible-if-other-things-had-gone-differently-in-our-world, and The Stolen Lake doesn't.)


Nice to read about unplugged kids:


Interesting that Melody Rose finds Kentucky ground-cherries unpalatable. In my corner of Virginia they were sweet and tasty. They came up in the vegetable garden as volunteers, a.k.a. weeds, but popped up early enough that we harvested the fruit before the beans and tomatoes did their thing, and did not noticeably affect yields. They make delicious pies...I can't say the flavor ever reminded me of strawberries or blueberries, although the texture is close enough that blueberry recipes work with ground-cherries. Pineapple, slightly, but it's a unique fruit with a unique flavor.


Wayne National Forest, southern Ohio...


This web site linked to another page promoting a McDougall ten-day vegan-vacation program, this December, back in the summer. Why did the McDougalls' e-mail assistant send me another e-mail about the same program? Because they've set up a nicer web page, that's why. Click here to sign up for a vegan vacation in lovely, warm Santa Rosa.


I don't know how many blogs our friends at the local gun shops have time to read these days, but "Mausers and Muffins" sounds like one they might want to follow. I have no comment on this rifle review. Somebody at the gun shop undoubtedly has, though.

Phenology Links 

Signs of autumn in California, very pretty pictures:


Check out page 9 of Autumn:

Politics (Condemnations) 

The e-mail officially called for peaceful demonstrations, but...y'know, before this election, there was a word: deplorable!

Politics (Condolences) 

I like the thought process in Elizabeth Barrette's post, though I'm hesitant to link to the dubious criminal charges she cites having been brought against Trump. So instead I'll share this one:

Politics (Congratulations)

Rand Paul is actually a little older than I am. Sometimes he seems younger...and by now that's not entirely a bad thing.

Politics (Congratulations and Condolences)

Wendy Welch offers quotes for both sides:

Kelly McGonigal is accused here of citing only Democrats' posts, but what she says is applicable to both sides:

Politics (General) 

+Barbara Radisavljevic probably didn't think this was a political post, but it is. "Increasing population density" is a goal for some city "planners," sold to them as a way to increase profits from city shopping districts, but actually backed by foreign interests who like the prospect of higher mortality from any natural disaster or act of war that strikes a U.S. city. Open spaces are good for people. Even when you don't need sparse population in order to survive a disaster, you need enough space for all the people in a city or suburb to find places to be alone in Nature.

The madly unpopular "Trans-Pacific Partnership" is up for consideration (again). Do your Congressmen know where you stand?


People new to Washington have asked about a popular college team, "What is a Hoya?" This is a Hoya. It grows, it spreads, it takes over. Extreme caution is advised if you do plant one. I prefer the kind one cheers for at basketball games.


Can you believe how long it's been?


If you've been to New York City (ever), please share a memory with +Beth Ann Chiles . Comments raise money for charity:

Is global warming really shrinking Scotland?

Trigger warning: Vietnam. All but the bridge image could have come from trails in the U.S. though.


More about what search engines--as distinct from readers--like:

If you're willing to read/write the kind of web pages search engines like (and I hate), some correspondents might be interested in this job ad. It's a legitimate job. I've tried it. It's not for me. I don't mind politics, and on some issues I'm very "conservative," but neither my computer nor my brain supports the kind of "viral content" that someone hopes will "go viral" by screaming for the attention of the attention-deficiency-disorder crowd. This is sooo not the way you build a web page the "conservatives" to my Right will read, or one I'll read myself. It is, however, a way you engage the attention of a group of people who've been underrepresented in cyberspace and among the first generation of Netizens--the ones who'd really rather watch TV than read, who really want a bunch of photos and videos held together by captions rather than an article. Some of them are reported to be right-wingers. So if you want to have a go at "writing" for that audience, here is your link.


Today's sale is on T-shirts: