Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18 Link Log

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Amazon's bid for shoppers ahead of "Black Friday" features sales on all kinds of non-book items. Here's a vacuum cleaner designed just for animal lovers:


Today's Petfinder theme is mixed-breed dogs. Petfinder's search categories do not include "mix," "mutt," "mongrel," or "crossbreed." If you just leave the "breed" search feature blank, however, unique-looking dogs show up...Does anyone really know whether these dogs are mixes of two breeds, or more? Doubtful. I suspect they are just cute dogs that show physical characteristics of two breeds.

Cricket from the Eastern Shore of Virginia:
Anastasia from Washington, D.C.:
Trixie from Atlanta:

Food (Yum) 

Here's a trendy, relatively low-carb and low-calorie turkey recipe, shared by Bruce at

Nice, fresh broccoli and cauliflower actually appeal to children when they're cut up and served raw in snack bowls. If you want to make them fancier, however, what about a relatively low-fat satay sauce?

Here's a recipe from Bob's Red Mill, which I only recently discovered on Twitter. I discovered their whole-grain flours and meals, several of which are gluten-free, long ago. Not cheap, but gluten-free.

Ah, but how will it work in Piecaken?


Some, not all, of the ways being in rural areas or at least greenspaces is good for our health. (He didn't even mention that being on the other side of a tree from other people drastically reduces the chance of catching colds/flu from those people, possibly because that's not been formally quantified in a recent scientific study.)


Snowflaketime! (If Tony Perkins can pun on the Mason brand of canning jars by writing that "(George) Mason (University official) Jars Students with Intolerance," I get to pun on the slang use of "snowflakes" for fragile, feeble minds that will supposedly melt if exposed to other people's viewpoints.) For those of us who weren't brought up to whine and wail, but are tired of seeing left-wingers get their way by whining and wailing about how huuurtful and abuuusive any disagreement with some token minority writer's left-wing argument must inherently be...let's all drop to the floor, roll ourselves up in prickleblankets, thrash back and forth like disturbed caterpillars, and waaaail! The idjit known as Bunting called Republicans "trash"! Perhaps our ancestral cultural tradition teaches us to be kind to idjits and ignore their mindless mouthing, but the left wing has taught us that that's cultural suicide! Ooohhh! Ooohhh! He's directly responsible if somebody's depressive offspring commits literal suicide! Fire him! Fire him!

From Irish John Dunne...Y'know, if it weren't for politics, or more specifically for U.N. power grabs, this web site would like Europe. So much art, music, science, culture, history, old buildings, beautiful scenery, and so many Americans have relatives there...but politically they just don't get it. They never have. Europe has not had a real democracy since Socrates' time. People here always say that when they went to Europe people there asked them, "Why isn't your country as nice as you are?" When I think about Europeans (even British ones) I've known, I feel precisely the same way. Large groups by nature never are as nice as individuals. Beyond that, Europeans collectively just don't seem to have ever recovered from their feuding-tribes, feudal-monarchies, and huddled-masses phases. There doesn't seem to be much of a concept of individuals' accountability to God or Truth or Justice. They always seem to obsess about conforming and controlling, and choosing a leader to enthrone and follow as if he were God. They are our cousins (even Black Americans almost always have relatives in Europe) but in terms of politics, philosophy, and ethics, they need our guidance.



Psychology with a sports motif:


Today's (and tomorrow's) sales include coffee mugs. Here are two for cat people and two for dog people: