Friday, November 18, 2016

Book Review: Kristy and the Walking Disaster

Title: Kristy and the Walking Disaster (Baby-Sitters Club #20)

The Baby-Sitters Club #20: Kristy and the Walking Disaster by [Martin, Ann M.]

Author: Ann M. Martin

Date: 1989

Publisher: Apple / Scholastic

ISBN: 0-590-43722-4

Length: 141 pages

Quote: “‘A lamp,’ said the walking disaster. ‘I just broke a lamp.’ Some things never change.”

Some of the children Kristy baby-sits are old enough for Little League. Some aren’t. None of them is quite good enough. Kristy, however, likes baseball, so she organizes a special team just for her charges, “Kristy’s Krushers.” Their games with “Bart’s Bashers” will go on all through the series, as will Kristy’s distant but stable relationship with Bart.

One of the Krushers is, however, accident-prone. The plot of this particular book consists of how Kristy learns to balance her good will toward lovable little Jackie, her attraction to Bart, and her own competitive personality and desire to win everything that can possibly be scored or "won." 

It's the Baby-Sitters Club, so everything will end nicely and happily. To preserve a little suspense, this review will not actually say how that happens, although my guess is that you'll guess...if you don't remember.

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