Thursday, November 3, 2016

Vote for Sale: Open Bidding

(This post is strictly about the writer known as Priscilla King, individually, and reflects absolute zero input from any other person involved with this site in any way.)

I never thought I'd even consider selling my vote. I never thought I'd think of that as an ethically tolerable thing to do.

I never thought I'd be forced to choose between two candidates who appear about equally undesirable for the same dang reasons, either. W Bush and Al Gore did look a bit like a matched pair of bookends, but at least they appeared to be backed by different crowds. Clinton and Trump are an ill-matched pair of mouthpieces for...her husband and his best buddy in Washington just happen to be the same guy, and for the murky crowd behind him. Both of them should have been disqualified even to run, neither could get elected dogcatcher in my town, and neither represents me politically, or ever has, in any noticeable way. And then there's the other guy, completely out of it...

I can and will vote for a U.S. Representative on Tuesday evening, but I can only vote against the worst two of three presidential candidates, and I'm honestly not sure which two those are.

So, Gentle Readers, you have a choice:

(1) Do nothing--in which case I'll vote my conscience and write in "Ben Carson," or maybe "Andrew Jackson," as a statement about the national debt/economy issue, or maybe "Sneaky Pie Brown," or even "broccoli."

(2) Send money to this web site, and indicate which candidate you most want to vote against. Note that salolianigodagewi is a valid Yahoo address (someone checks it about as often as e-mails seem to be reaching it), but not a valid Paypal address; we use Saloli the Message Squirrel to verify that you're not a spammer and send you the Paypal address. This makes postal money orders much faster; by now the local post office staff recognize real-life manifestations of Priscilla King. I'll compare total funding received by 5 p.m. NYC time on Tuesday, and will then vote accordingly.

Is this unethical? Honestly, no worse than what I'll do if you don't buy my vote--either flip a coin, or cast a meaningless vote against two of the presidential candidates just in order to be able to support our man Morgan Griffith, which I will do regardless of funding.

So, local lurkers..."Happy Days Are Here Again"! Ask your elders why that song is relevant!

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