Friday, September 25, 2015

Has Google Fixed This? (Edited with updates)

Any time a company changes hands, people who use their product or service can expect problems as people try to fix things that were working just fine. For an example, if you use Google Chrome, check your "New Tab" tab.

It's supposed to show one-click images of the sites you visit most often. In my case, in order to be useful, those would currently be:

* my hack writing site

* Amazon

* Blogspot

* Blogjob

* Live Journal

* Twitter

* Freedomworks

* Morguefile

Last week the "thumbnails" were messing up; inappropriate buttons from commercial sites I'd visited only once were displacing buttons I use regularly. Others were complaining about this too.

This week, the "thumbnails" seem to be looking the way they should look again. Thank you, Google. Anyway, Plus or Twitter this article if you agree:

The way a web page looks (and works) is the way it should look (and work) until the user wants to change it. All changes are inconveniences. Never, never, never change a web page until the user requests the change.