Monday, September 21, 2015

Link Log for September 21

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Today's book review:


Have I ever mentioned how much I haaaate Skype? I'm pleased to read that the program that's crashed so many more worthwhile programs finally crashed itself, instead.


Melody Rose discusses, at Dave's Garden, the late-blooming Bidens I failed to spot and currently have vining up around a privet bush under the office window at the Cat Sanctuary. Two years ago I posted a photo of ladies-thumbs, in August, growing four feet high with the support of this bush. This year the ladies-thumbs are low, modest, grassy-looking things, the way they usually are, but this sunflower-like Bidens is pushing the size limits for its species.

Dave's Garden also shared a post about the plant called Felicia (yes, there's a plant species by that name; the flowers can also be called blue daisies). Unfortunately the page behaved so badly that I wouldn't feel right recommending it. Please work on this, Dave.


Something I'd like for Christmas...obviously it wouldn't work at the Cat Sanctuary as well as it works in Arizona, but with a storage and backup system it would probably meet my energy needs. Coal-free at last.

News of the Alarmingly Weird 

People who should not, ever, drive cars:


I'm not sure how good a cross-section of the U.S.A. you get on a car-free island...but....


How do you beat procrastination?

Not by mushiness, and I'm not sure what this touchy-feely post might boil down to if held over a good fire of skepticism, but I think she's trying to tell writers that we're all right if we don't bog down hopelessly in feelings about ourselves. Which is true.

Some ideas about fantasy fiction: