Sunday, September 6, 2015

Link Log for September 6

I found time to hang out on Google + and discovered lots of good stuff this weekend, including The Best News I've Seen Online In Weeks...Categories: Animals, Communication, Desperation of the Old Left, Faith, Food, Human Rights, Phenology Link, Politics, Seniors, Taxes, Woman-Hating, Writing. (The Best News is in the Human Rights category.)


+Barbara Radisavljevic shared this exotic bird story by +ameer prince :

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

And this one by +Rex Graham :

Blond-Crested Woodpecker

Here, a cute cat advertises a cute book:


Some people seem to want to believe that everything writers write is a personal message about their relationships with writers they know personally. (Personally, this writer tries to avoid knowing that sort of people.)

How bad is it to call someone "nice" these days?

Desperation on the Left 

(Thanks to +Allen West Republic )


Have the homosexual lobby finally gone too far? Here's a totally un-photogenic woman with an uninspiring record and an obvious need (1) to find another job and (2) to read the Bible more thoroughly, simply refusing to do her job as specified in her contract. The natural, logical solution, if she refuses to resign, would be to fire her. Instead, because the woman-haters have been so hateful about her, she's in jail--probably as a matter of "protective custody"! And she's getting all kinds of outpourings of support. Because of the hate, Gentle Readers. These correspondents were ignoring her, as was I, because she deserved it, until the hate storm started to build.

There were about half a dozen of these in the e-mail by Sunday morning but I think two of them is enough. I'll say this to Kentucky readers, if we have any: Why do youall want to feed, at your expense, someone who's willing and able to earn her own daily bread?

Food (Yum) 

+Susan Zutautas bakes cupcakes for dogs...and their humans. They're probably sweeter than the dogs would prefer and less sweet than the humans would, but they can be shared.

Beth Ann Chiles' recipe for this weekend is also good for sharing with pets:

+Bethany Marsh cooks vegan:

Vegan Wrap Sandwiches

Calling all fans of Dan Piraro's "Bizarro" cartoons...he's on the guest list for this vegan cooking weekend in California:

McDougall Seminar

Human Rights 

Hindus, nice peaceable Hindus, threatening the lives of Christians in India? Is that even possible? This web site finds it very easy to believe. All nations are not equally wealthy. Few if any immigrants are going to get rich, by our standards, by coming to these United States and being, by our standards, insanely frugal and hard-working. But by their standards, being insanely frugal and hard-working here may still seem like a relatively decent life, compared with what some of them have; from time to time Reuters still reports on a cute eight-year-old Indian whose recycling business is helping to feed his siblings and who dreams of going to school. So we need to make it very, very clear that refugees are not going to be immigrants.

No link to the Huffington Post because this web site is quite sure the story was in your morning papers already, but...what do Protestants do when the Pope challenges every Catholic parish to adopt a refugee? We challenge every Protestant church, of course. Protestants have no Pope. Many Protestants don't even recognize bishops. Some Protestant churches affirm a doctrine called "the priesthood of all believers," which means you and I can issue these challenges as well as the Pope can. So I am. Protestant readers, can your church adopt a refugee?

However, Sharona Schwartz reports that in Syria the persecution of non-Muslims seems to be subsiding back to the sort of dominance display Muslims, and sometimes Jews and Christians too, have been making for years. Christians aren't allowed to proselytize in Israel either; Jews don't proselytize, which is good for them because how far would they get? Apart from the discriminatory weapons clause, this reads like the traditional contract Real Muslims have always made with non-Muslims in Muslim countries. People can live with it. Syrian Christians should be able to stay in Syria on these terms.

Phenology Links 

Good phenological news in Illinois:


Patricia Evans e-mailed the full text of this fairly short op-ed:

Michael Giere, The Bull Elephant, September 3, 2015

Publius Huldah in Clarksville:

Jonah Goldberg explains why, over and above the issue of Bogus-As-His-Hair's honor, he also has reservations about Candidate BAHH's competence. Which this web site shares. (This web site agrees that foreign-born Hugh Hewitt's "never mind any real political issues, just comfort rich White guys by always nominating one of them" advice to Republicans was third-rate advice that has cost Republicans elections. That does not make Hewitt's softball questioning of BAHH third-rate questioning. What the Hewitt interview showed is that BAHH has no real politics, nor has he any shame, twang, twang...)

So why is even BAHH polling higher than Hillary Rodham Clinton? This web site does not believe there are all that many woman-haters out there. There are just so many reasons why the country is ready for a change. This web site respects ex-Senator Webb and is glad he's offered to let himself be drafted. And Al Gore...has been identified with some bad science, but so have most of the Republicans, and at least Gore hasn't used brain damage as an excuse for his mistakes. But I suspect the past eight years are going to be held against anybody with a D behind his or her name.

Comic moment in politics:

Why Senator Kaine just isn't ever going to be able to represent Virginia accurately in Congress...I appreciate his faithfulness to his beliefs, mind. If he could move into Nancy Pelosi's district, where this record would represent the will of his constituents, this would be a good record.


Senior sisters seem to have Meals on Wheels' needs covered:


Property tax season draws nigh...The +Allen West Republic remind us that in the nineteenth century property tax was the main form of tax in these United States. Of course, the system wasn't perfect. Property taxes were high enough that people who'd suffered financial reversals lost their homes. People who did not own houses or land were non-taxpayers, second-class citizens, and usually not allowed to vote even if they were White and male. Income tax was perceived as an improvement, much as gas-powered cars were perceived as a cleaner alternative to horse- and ox-drawn wagons. However, it was possible for people to pay wages in cash without all the formalities that keep people from paying neighbors who need the wages for services the prospective payers need.


I don't think the hating on Kim Davis is even about the same-sex marriage distraction, Gentle Readers. What we are seeing is a resurgence of real oldfashioned woman-hating. Here's another outburst:

Of course, in this case, the women were certainly asking for something...

Near-nudity in the pictures, hate in the comments. (How is Beyonce a role model? Would some of these people care to do a little research on what the music industry is like, and has always been like, for young people--of either sex--who don't push the limits and shock people? I don't like the simulated sex in music videos either...but just see how well a wholesome video of a nice, fully dressed singer strumming a guitar and singing "I Love America" or "Oh My Papa" would sell these days, before you blame young singers. It was bad enough back when Roy Drusky lost recording contracts for singing wholesome songs and Jeannie Riley's agent chopped up her dresses to keep the miniskirt image going; it's not got better since.)

The main cause of asexuality is hormones, the same ones involved in sexuality only in different mixes, but in some cases hate may be involved:

As a nation we'd been fairly successful in limiting the expressions of this kind of attitudes to a handful of rappers for many years. Lorena Bobbitt was unsporting, but she did all of us a lot of good. But the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Women need to present a united front. Men needed to see that, the minute the crass physical reference plopped out of BAHH's mouth, his political career was over. They needed to see the fools who wrote the threats to Kim Davis behind bars. They need to know that peaceful coexistence requires zero tolerance for any kind of disrespect toward women, public or private.


I'm with Hope Clark on this one. Not because writing almost every day since high school has necessarily made me a great writer, but because it's what I do. (I'm not online every day, but I write during some part of almost every day.) Btw, Clark's web site is a guide to people and organizations seeking writers--despite the times when, like this week, all the writing jobs (all two of them) are military and all the writing contests involve entry fees.

Ursula K. LeGuin invites us to be gorgeous:

Jerry B. Jenkins explains why not being a very "visual" writer may not be all bad: