Friday, September 25, 2015

Link Log for September 24

Yesterday was a long day in the content mill. No time for e-mail or socializing. Today, I have an hour. Categories: Animals, Christian, Comics, Cyberspace, Food (Yum), Music, Politics, Science, Video.


Site dedicated to fun facts:


Liz Curtis Higgs on honesty:


I laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the post for August 11. Where did you laugh out loud first?


Someone sent a couple of interesting-looking links to displayed an arrogant, annoying message saying they don't support my browser and ordering me to "UPGRADE NOW," then proceeded to crash my browser. Right. Lesson learned: This web site will no longer support in any way. If you want to promote the work of a good writer who, due to desperation, has sold a good piece of writing to, please copy the text and e-mail it as a Word file, or print the page, photocopy the printout, and e-mail it as a JPG. In order to qualify for the patronage of my Gentle Readers or me, will need to (1) fix their site so that it works for whatever browser their patrons choose to use, (2) e-mail an apology to anyone who deigns to revisit their site using a browser they have previously dissed, and (3) include a $100 payment for the favor of our patronage.

I feel guilty. I mentioned here that had allowed its ads to become more annoying than's ads were, and suggested that something in New York was not obnoxious. Obviously, was obligated to rectify that. New York City is profoundly obnoxious.

Food (Yum) 

Pears in a truck...I started with a comment addressed to Andria Perry, then thought of local lurkers.


Richard Whittaker interviews Gabriel Meyer:


Jim Babka picks up a hot potato with this temporary link:


This one is less controversial than many of John1282's posts. If the link works for your browser, it's not exactly news to pet owners--just more and freshly detailed--but interesting, I say:


Dan Lewis found the full-length (three-hour) "Merlin" video on Youtube for free.