Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Link Log for September 2

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Demonstration of Dumbth scheduled in Arlington tomorrow. A peaceful counter-demonstration might be indicated.

"We are united with Andy Parker, Alison’s grieving father, in demanding change, and in saying #WhateverItTakes.

Will you come with me and show our state leaders, the news media and the rest of the country that Virginians want gun safety?

RSVP here:

What: Press conference urging action on gun safety
When: Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 3, 10:00 AM
Where: In front of Arlington County Courthouse, 1425 N. Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA ( there’s metered parking on the street and a parking garage nearby MAP)"

By "gun safety" they mean "more red tape surrounding firearms sales, as recommended by the United Nations' Special Committee on Foundations for Possible Future Takeovers." The trouble is that what Real Virginians mean by "gun safety" is "hitting your target, or, if unable to hit your target reliably, not carrying a gun but benefitting from the facts that your neighbors do and that evildoers don't know you don't." So someone in Arlington might want to go out and gently introduce these people--poor Mr. Parker, God help him, is probably beyond reason and should be left alone, but introduce the ladies around him to some facts. Such as: (1) the suicide-homicide who killed Alison Parker had in fact complied with the kind of regulations Mr. Parker has been manipulated into worrying about; and (2) if we want Virginia newspapers to read like the Washington Post in the 1990s, with a funeral tribute to another teenager shot in the back almost every Sunday, the kind of gun control D.C. had in the 1990s might be a good way to achieve that...of course Real Virginians don't want to achieve that.

The correspondent who sent me this message isn't from Virginia. Will counter-demonstrators please show her and her friends a pleasant and instructive time in Arlington.


It's heartening to find somebody out there actually preferring gray cats to the types that are often considered, have I already introduced Grecy Garcia, of what sounds like the Philippine Islands Cat Sanctuary?

In the course of today's hack writing I took a virtual tour of Symi, a sun-baked island in the Greek Dodecanese chain. If your browser can handle lots and lots and lots of pictures, you might appreciate this Blogspot-based photo album. ("Field-Herping" is not a British family indicates that reptiles and amphibians are this blogger's specialty, though he photographed birds, flowers, and a few of his trail buddies as well.)


Some claim that the wages are lower in right-to-work states. Not so, says Natalie Johnson; rather, the cost of living is higher in the mandatory-union states, and also in Virginia, and so wages are necessarily higher in these states. Meanwhile, she reports, Michigan has gone right-to-work and seen an immediate result of more jobs available at comparable wages. Cheers to Michigan! I wish this article had a nice computer-generated fifty-state chart, but it's worth reading and sharing as it is:

Food (Yum) 


I wouldn't bother making this smoothie, myself. It would be a tasty smoothie, but why run the blender when frankly it's hard to resist just devouring the food!


These solar lamps don't seem especially frugal at first blink, but since there's no operating cost they'd be a nice Green gift for a frugal person anyway. (Do any McCaffrey fans out there find themselves thinking of "the glows" people carried in and out, shaded and unshaded, in the cavernous Holds of Pern?)