Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Link Log for September 1

Topics: Animals, Books, Charity, Movies, Poetry, Politics, and oh right there was a Human Rights link, too, but my comments on it grew into a separate post.


"Feline estate planning" was the headline of Dan Lewis's e-mail. Seriously, Gentle Readers, each of us needs to consider (from year to year) what will become of our pets if anything happens to us. For most of ten years the agreement was that Oogesti or I would take over each other's cats. When he left us, fortuitously leaving only one cat to one grandchild, I asked Lisiwayu. When she remarried, I asked another friend of the Cat Sanctuary who doesn't have a screen name here. (Thanks for the prompt, +Theresa Wiza .) Baby-boomers have spent our whole lives being defined by ourselves and the media as "young" so the friend's eyes popped and her jaw dropped and she automatically said, "But nothing's going to happen to you." Face it, fellow Boomers, every one of us is over fifty by now; even in a little paper like the Kingsport Times-News we see obituaries for people younger than ourselves, almost daily. A healthy, active, drug-free lifestyle (and good genes) may be keeping some of us able to dress like students and attract student admirers, but we are the grandparent generation. Things happen. Injuries more than deaths, so far--but injuries affect our ability to care for pets. So, even if you need to reassure friends that recognizing your fragility does not mean you're feeling paranoid or suicidal, please make an emergency pet care plan today.



This web site's book reviews are migrating to Blogjob. Should this web site still provide links to them? Of course...I'm wary. Once bitten twice shy. If not properly compensated in due course these book reviews can migrate right back here. But here's where they are at the moment of writing.




New release from Neil Gaiman:


Often when we snooze, we lose...but in this case those who hesitate may gain. If you don't already have One Nation, Newsmax is offering it free with five dollars for shipping. (They like their readers to be reasonably well informed.)

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Beth Ann Chiles encourages readers by donating money to charities in exchange for comments. During September, everything you can think of to say about her blog posts (barring idiocies like typing each word as a separate comment) will be fifty cents donated to a good private nursing home. I hope this information makes some Gentle Readers feel less shy about telling her who's reading her posts than youall are about introducing yourselves here.



What do you think of War Room, Gentle Readers?



"Poetry mashup: #BeowulfTrump "? One good and one excellent result, at the time of writing; by your time of reading there could be more.



Paul Craig Roberts tackles the Supreme Court as a political issue. U.S. policy wonks only: