Thursday, September 17, 2015

Link Log for September 16

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Someone steered me to Buzzfeed this morning, so now I have lots of cute animal photo links to share. I'll stop at four; feel free to skip whenever symptoms of cuteness overload set in.

(1) Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a dog blog. He's even been known to write as a dog ("On the Internet, nobody knows you're human").

(2) Terribly cute wild animals in Canada, including one of the famous black squirrels. At least black squirrels are famous in Washington, D.C. They used to be common along the Atlantic seaboard as far south as Virginia, but during the nineteenth century they were crowded up into Canada. A few squirrel families were then shipped back to D.C. to reestablish the breed. Today black and gray squirrels coexist in most of Washington and its suburbs' parks. Gray squirrels are bigger and tend to be the dominant species, but black squirrels seem to hold their own when people don't trap and shoot them.

(3) Still in Canada, here are recent photos and videos of a zebra filly.

(4) And here, from England, are the reasons why you should fall in love with a cat person.

There's also a photo essay illustrating why you should fall in love with a dog person, but it's not recommended here due to crass language. Worse than "love a dog person," I mean. (My husband was a dog person.) However, we mustn't overlook dogs. Here's a border collie behaving almost like a retriever:


From +Allen West Republic :

Food (Yum) 


Health News 

For those not participating in Serena Williams' Quarter-Marathon in Florida, another winter vacation option might be a ten-day McDougall Program--December 4-13 in Santa Rosa, California. The McDougalls have been offering these for a long time, for people who want to try using diet and exercise as treatment for their health problems. You get a spa-type retreat supervised by M.D.'s, with lots of exercise options, from skiing to simple yoga, and lectures and delicious McDougall Plan meals. Ten days is often enough for people to assess whether the McDougall Plan will help them.

McDougall Program temporary link


Students everywhere have always said school lunch was yucky, but for a graphic gross-out experience, check out these school meals allegedly served in Prince Georges County, Maryland, schools. Have you ever wondered where young people got the inspiration for the whole zombie-apocalypse genre? Thanks (I, um, think) to +Allen West Republic for the link.

Maryland school lunch link

It would be interesting to read the thoughts of Morgan State's Professor Brown, whom we e-met yesterday, on this statement from former Baltimore Raven, Ray Lewis:

Duh...obviously Black lives do matter. Human lives matter. Does that mean that anybody who uses the hashtag "Black lives matter" has a viable plan for improving anything?


+Theresa Wiza reports a bogus Paypal message fraud: