Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Link Log for September 22

Categories: Books, Good News, Green, Weird. No politics today! (I've been down the content mine.)


Today's book review:


Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing this link where we can see Tolkien's Middle Earth as Tolkien saw it:


Good News 

Weird news is not usually heart-warming, but Dan Lewis's weird story for the day...



Or is this one another Clue for the Clueless?


Here's a long but much more pleasant article from Richard Louv:


If you'd rather read an essay that long in printed form, here's where to get the book:


Weird News (Not Good) 

Physical abuse of husbands by wives is rare, and stories about it tend to smell fishy, because in almost all married couples the husband can run faster. Husbands who report being battered by their wives, this web site suspects, really have asked for it. Maybe it was just too much tickling and pillow fighting; maybe he provoked her to hit him in order to have an excuse for something he intended to do, or had already done. (Physical abuse of disabled patients, male or female, is common--but it's usually neglect or mis-medication, rather than battery.) However...after careful deliberation, what this wife apparently had done and intended to keep doing, at every opportunity, seems wrong to this web site. Well, obviously the guy expected it. Probably he'd all but literally begged for it, knowing that he'd set up a camera to record it as evidence that he shouldn't have to share custody of the children with her. Probably he even deserved it. All the same: pas devant les enfants...Thanks (?) to Dave Barry for sharing this link.

Florida husband abuse story