Friday, September 18, 2015

Link Log for September 18

Happy Twitterday, Gentle Readers! It's Twitterday in anticipation of the #HeritageActionForum online event. Anyway, what Twitterday always means to this web site is more links from more new sources. Categories: Animals, Art, Books, Crafts, Kids, Poems, Politics, Scams.


Worldwide...on this photo page, relatives of Paddington Bear in Darkest Peru, the seasonally toxic quails that made the ancient Israelites sick in the Bible, and an Amanda moth. And more.


Sharon McGovern draws animals, and some people:


Actually this review is more a recommendation of Elizabeth and Leicester than of Kenilworth.


The world's biggest knitted doll:


Not only was Ahmed Mohamed targeted because he's a Muslim; first, he was targeted because he's a kid.


As a leader in the field of Bad Poetry, I pronounce "Rhymes Against Humanity" a grandiose title, dooming Gene Weingarten's efforts to the category of...Poems.

Here, for comparison, is a bit of Bad Poetry:


Although one of the best political polls I've seen online identifies Scott Walker's policy statements as one whole percentage point more compatible with mine than Ben Carson's, Rand Paul's, or Ted Cruz's, his apparently taking an old joke seriously raised some chortles in other countries. I'm glad this Canadian thinks it's funny; from here it looks like plain old pork...

But it's nothing compared to this guy's National Bankruptcy Plan.

Full-length questions for each candidate here:


Why Planned Parenthood should receive no federal funding, and some may want to stop supporting them privately, too: