Friday, September 4, 2015

Link Log for September 4

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A promo for Ronald Bailey's new book, The End of Doom, came in the e-mail. I wouldn't be qualified to rate it, not that that would stop me reading it if the actual book had come in the mail, which it didn't. Would any Real Scientists out there care to try? Meanwhile, here's an official science fiction reading list:

Arthur Chappell's latest book review:

My latest book review:


Does this can rack give anyone any ideas?


Some U.S. citizens would do the jobs that some employers claim they can't find U.S. citizens to do. So why don't they? Well, for the time period Anna Morris is describing, gender discrimination was a factor. Then there's geography. And then there's the fact that some employers hire only foreigners, even if U.S. citizens cry and beg, because they intend to do things they couldn't get away with doing if their employees had other job alternatives, English skills, etc. Anna Morris may have been lucky in the situation she describes, but she didn't feel lucky at the time...and "protecting" penniless, unemployed citizens from the abuses perpetrated against non-citizens is a shabby excuse for a solution.

Mental Health 

Some of what social workers call abuse is just roughness, carelessness. My parents believed spanking children was a good thing; I grew up believing that too, had to see firsthand that more creative kinds of discipline can be better. But people shouldn't fool themselves, even if they're the ones who have to leave a real abuser. Real abusers are typically rage addicts. Their violence is likely to escalate. If they don't "hit bottom" by being thrown into jail (which is what should happen--minimal disruption of the victim's already stressful life, major disruption of the abuser's) they may maim or kill someone they love.


Why Congress should've known it was doomed, and the President should've refused to have his name linked to it:

Phenology Links


How Vice-President Agnew helped change the meaning of the word "effete":