Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 16 Link Log

Once again, I left the draft of the Link Log post open until it was time to go home--without posting the links on the correct day. Apologies. Categories: Animals, Book, Christian, Disaster, Food, Fun, Green, Health News, Politics, Sports, Technology, Weird, Welfare. (Zazzle? Tomorrow.)


Clever cat story of two handsome semi-social tomcats, different breeds, who became friends after neutering:


Today's Amazon book link was suggested by Jason Pye:

What do you think? Is this list for conservatives only? Auberon Waugh?




Grassfire people who have disposable e-money are funding this flood relief effort in Baton Rouge:


Extremely creepy short story about widowhood...

I found the creepy one after checking out the blog that contained this child's story, which I believe was actually written by a child, and which made me laugh out loud. (Scroll up and down for more stories that sound like real children's stories. There's also an appeal for more fiction written from more exotic perspectives; this would be a good nonpaying site for international writers of fluent English to share a few short-short stories, for publicity.)

And here's my pick of the, er um, litter of short stories by adults. Not creepy; profoundly nice. Though also funny. With a cute dog image, as well.

Food (Yum) 

Dairy-free coconut-based ice cream...I can't eat it because I'm allergic to coconuts, but for some lactose avoiders out there, this could be wonderful news. The web site seems to be a work in progress, at least for this computer--many hitches and glitches--but some pages do work.

The thing about tacos is that, technically, you can put anything in one, for any meal, any time of day, and it'll still be a taco. Vegan tacos with beans and mushrooms are fine. Vegetarian cheese tacos with veg are also fine. Meat lovers' tacos are traditional, but y'know, it's not as if real Mexicans had ever limited themselves to the options that made the Taco Bell chain famous, so why should taco lovers in the rest of the world?


Interesting story from New Jersey:


Vegetables have more nutrients when they're grown on small family farms that rotate crops regularly, rather than huge agro-business monocropped farms where they're drenched with poisons and genetically modified...I apologize for the PDF format. It did open for me, though awkwardly. (Is it only because I use computers loaded with MS Word that I find Word documents so much easier to read and navigate than PDF's? Do youall have the same experience?)

Health News 

How much harm is light pollution doing to your health? The focus of this study is on the indoor light pollution caused by leaving lights, TVs, computers, etc., on, more than on the outdoor light pollution that's ruined many of our views of the Perseid meteor shower this weekend (and is harming various wild animal populations in various ways). Good news: most people can do something about indoor light pollution right now.

Politics (Election 2016) 

More supporters the candidates don't need...kind of depressing, but funny:

Stephen Moore's song parody is obvious yet apropos. ( is a mildly annoying web site and probably uses addition to those Blogspot uses.)

Politics (Generally) 

Democrat blames "progressive left" for Milwaukee riots, not without reasons:

Do these people need "housing," or do they need homes...with roots in communities, and the right to use new technology to earn a decent living within those communities, throughout their working lives? MSN stands for Microsoft News. Bill Gates' Microsoft. Hmm. Mr. Gates is a genius who has done a lot of good already, but he can afford to do more, beginning with paying attention to what low-income adults actually need.


Everybody loves the Olympics, right? Not...quite. Catherine Addington looks at the immediate human costs of the Olympics in Rio. (This is before we find out what being in Rio is going to do to The Great Phelps and the other Olympians...)


Quick mini-report on a new transportation gadget, a Metrorail-speed "sled":


Safety requirements for hot-air balloons? Hmm. Do the words "safety" and "hot-air balloons" belong in one sentence?

Meanwhile, documents the weird, chemically baffling conditions of one but not others of the Olympic competition pool set. (This is a real news item, not obscene, but the headline quotes a young person describing the pool using a term this web site officially does not use.)

(headline contains a word this web site does not display)

Welfare & Those Who Depend on Same 

These reference links were shared by a Real Twit, who was behaving like a lower-case-t twit at the time, to back up some remarks about Black Americans that, though true, are obnoxious in Tweet form. Broken homes and other manifestations of welfare dependency do correlate with vice, crime, stupidity, poor test scores, and vulnerability to a causative way...and all of these things are disproportionately observed among Black Americans for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to personal choices. (Welfare dependency directly causes broken homes, across all demographic groups, in the following way: women and children get more benefits if the father of the children doesn't live with them. Men who love their wives and children have walked out for that reason.) But what grabbed me when I looked at the FBI page is the disproportionate rate at which Black men, or more precisely Black Americans and also American men, are victims of violent crimes. Never doubt that that's one of the reasons that contribute to those other unpleasant correlations, Gentle Readers.

Is anything going to help anybody? I don't know, but if anything is, continuing to practice gentleness, tolerance, and understanding may be that thing. (Though there are situations in which trying to practice gentleness, tolerance, and understanding is what gets people killed. Some common sense is required for getting through life.)