Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3 Link Log

I came online to do something else today, but I've found a few links in the e-mail. Categories: Constitutional Rights, Family, Food, Phenology Link, Poem, Politics, Science, Technology.

Constitutional Rights 

Ray Thomas discusses how the NRA is not like ISIS, as some poor idjit has claimed.


Nobody should even try to "monitor" whether parents drink or take drugs at home, but I don't know whether this friend of a friend realizes that it's already possible to report this kind of situation when you find it. A drunk or stoned, passed-out parent is guilty of criminal neglect if found alone in a situation where children are endangered by his/her incapacity.

Food (Yum) 

Drink your salad?

Phenology Link 

Giant Swallowtail butterfly spotted in Minnesota:


Well, free verse, anyway...a wedding piece:

Politics (Election 2016)

In North Carolina, election officials, desperate to help their Republican friends, craft a variety of sneaky ways to block Democrats from voting. Neighbors, have to play by the rules to win. (Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for this link.)

There's no official rule against fundraising for the candidate who represents your party in a different State, but this web site has asked before: If we were a bunch of millionnaires here, which we are could we imagine that someone in a different State could represent us? How would an official in a different State be able to represent us? Somebody recently sent me a fundraising e-mail in aid of this Congressman from Montana. His web site should interest any readers this web site may have in Montana:

If you didn't watch Hillary's America, you might want to read the book:

Just to keep things fair and even...both major parties seem to be putting their most unlovable candidates out front here. (The Huffington Post shared the ABC link.)


Strange effects of microwaves:


Succinct comment on last week's news about corporations using copyright laws to prevent people repairing their own gadgets: