Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shut Down or Clean Up? (Another Petition I'm Not Signing)

Here's another petition that I'm not signing, though you might.

One of the zoo’s giraffes suddenly died and was found to have 40 pounds of plastic trash in its stomach. The Bandung Zoo has been coined Indonesia’s “death zoo” and must be shut down immediately.
Perhaps the most upsetting was the recent loss of Yani, a 34-year-old Sumatran elephant, who was visibly weeping when she died shackled on the ground. She had been sick and neglected for too long. Yani’s species is critically endangered and she was one of about 2,800 of these majestic animals left.
Tourists often report that the confined animals look emaciated and weak. The zoo is overcrowded and doesn't have a veterinarian on hand, so when animals fall ill they are left to suffer like Yani. 

What I'm not seeing here is why it would be better to shut the zoo down, altogether, rather than improve it. Generally mending is better than ending...especially when animals who've become accustomed to being fed by humans are involved.