Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18 Link Log

Yee-ee-ee-ee-HAW! Someone actually wants to buy one of these blog posts for reprinting in a book! Finally! Thank You, God! Yes, Gentle Readers, youall can do that too. (Mine, anyway; for other people's posts, you'd have to ask them.) Anyway, today's Categories: Amazon, Animals, Books, Christian, Disaster, Green, Politics, Read It Fast, Traffic Safety


Here's a lovely post I saw at another web site, and hope is true, about the value of posting about things we've bought on Twitter:

I notated my air conditioning not working well and having issues with my tire. Subaru paid for both. Grateful. You have to speak up these days and document everything!

Reminds me that when I was learning to drive a stick shift, I learned in a friend's Subaru. It was a sweet, efficient, economical little car.

Well, you can't buy everything on Amazon. No actual cars. You can, however, buy model cars, and here's a model of a Subaru car that looks similar to the one I used to drive, anyway.


Pretty butterfly picture. These butterflies are common, although as Ilex notes the officially counted species look so much alike that it's hard to identify them on sight. What's not common are good clear photos of them on the wing.

This story about a hawk whisperer is too New Agey for some readers, but it does contain a splendid hawk picture!


The Real Twit known as @jfmauldin, published as J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin, writes Hard Science Fiction, the kind with a lot of speculative astrophysics in it. I'm nowhere near being physicist enough to judge that sort of thing, but, for those who either read it as science or just like it as fiction:


This church has been Twittering up a storm. Here in the rain-soaked Eastern States, where I'm high enough above sea level that my feet are dry but I fear that the ground under houses and buildings may indeed be melting...some of the Eastern States are having floods. So of several good, Bible-based sermons the Faith & Victory Church has Tweeted lately, I pick the one that mentions flash floods. (Hold this thought on down through the Disaster category.)


In Louisiana, the water is rising. (To put this in perspective...I've been in Louisiana, technically. I went into restaurants and smelled the water and decided I could do without water until I could get out of Louisiana. And that's in dry weather. I don't know how they survive. I remember being afraid to join the "Let the Red Cross place a Katrina survivor in your home" program, while living outside Washington, mainly because of money but just partly because I was afraid of exotic diseases. Because even the city-certified drinking water down there smells like some sort of grotesque tropical disease.)

All Grassfire people already know...Grassfire is one social network that has an official charity of its own, the way some Twits are suggesting that Twitter should have. And "our" charity is in Louisiana, doing what it can with the money Grassfire socializers can raise:

Meanwhile, in Syria...Nicholas Kristof forgets that we're reading and hearing about two completely different populations of "refugees" from these countries. Regular readers have seen this web site do a total flipflop on this issue. A year ago, thinking of persecuted families and orphan children, I was (and Glenn Beck was) posting along the lines of "How many can fit into our own personal homes?" Then, seeing newscasts of the actual refugees, busloads of militia types from countries where either the government or substantial grassroots militias overtly want to destroy us, we started saying, "No. Send them somewhere, but not here." And reports of how those guys have rewarded the Europeans who've taken them in have not boosted U.S. confidence in "Syrian refugees" as a group. No need for any reruns. North Americans have already reached out our arms to cuddle wounded orphans and seen that what was stepping up toward us were rapists and murderers, instead. (And no, I don't doubt that some of these terrorist goons are orphans, technically.)


No longer news, except to those who cling to corporate claims that things they market as poisons, intended to be used to poison plants and animals, are other than poisons.


Another all too believable story of how insurance companies will continue to kill patients if they're allowed to manage the medical care system:


Despite efforts to federalize policies and minimize the differences among State laws that allow us to see for ourselves which policies do and don't work, significant differences still exist. Which of the United States can be considered most and least "free"? Here's a site (shared by the Cato Institute) that rates the States...and explains why, so students of social and fiscal policy can revise the ratings to fit their own concerns.

Thoughts from a recent arrival in the U.S...I'm not going to have time to give this one a thorough reading, which I want to do, so I'm posting it partly to remind myself to check in with this e-friend tomorrow:

Read It Fast 

When the reprint plans become final, this post will be replaced by a book link.

Traffic Safety 

Teachers, engineers, and law enforcement types from all over Virginia plan a special event:


Here's today's pick from Zazzle's line-up of funny T-shirts:

I take this one's message seriously, but putting it on a T-shirt is...sort of funny, don't you think?

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