Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25 Link Log

The cats and I seem to have shaken off the trifling "summer cold" infection we had last week. Huzza. Today's agenda: Google + or bust. Ohhh my aching Google + feed. Today's Categories: Special Note, Animals, Books, Crafts, Education, Food, Funny, Health, International, Marketing News, Nice, Obamacare, Phenology Links, Pictures, Politics, Shopping, Travel.

Special Note 

Bienvenus, French readers! Valkommen, Swedish readers! Google reports that this site is gaining a lot of readers in France and Sweden. I don't even know how ridiculous the automatic translation software makes my blog posts sound, but I have faith that most of you can read the site in English and clear up any confusion.


Snail shells, possibly color-enhanced:

About this one...The bad news is that if you encourage birds, paper wasps, hornets, and mantids, you might not want to make a butterfly feeder. Also, if you have neighbors who poison their land, you might want to see butterflies somewhere else. The good news is that it's cheap, easy--even unavoidable, if you drop fruit and vegetables outdoors. Butterflies (like true bugs) slurp up only liquids, and (unlike bugs) don't have a proboscis strong enough to puncture many species will compete to drink the juices of any rinds, peelings, or rotten bits of melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, or other late-summer produce. (Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for the link.)

Don't you just love it when someone who's not expected to live not only survives, but achieves something others of his or her type can't? +LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer rescued a dog that wasn't expected to live. It's now passed the century mark in dog years:

Do you know a dog who bolts its dinner? Making itself sick, or perhaps rushing through its own dinner and then bullying a smaller pet out of that pet's dinner? Here's a whimsical, practical gadget that promises to teach that sort of dog nice, patient table manners:


Rescued cat:


Cozy mysteries with cat characters...

Sound like a tribute to the inimitable Sneaky Pie Brown series:

+Barbara Radisavljevic reviews a Christian historical novel that may be on the raw side, even if it's not explicit...I feel like adding a trigger warning even to the review: icky-squicky plot. (But, yes, it does occasionally happen when evil older people are able to find a desperate young girl, or even boy, even today...often with illegal immigrants and "refugees" in the U.S., and reportedly with some "guest worker," "exchange student," and even "international volunteer" programs elsewhere. I mean...Zahara Heckscher volunteered with a Tvind-group charity and wasn't pushed into prostitution, but what were other American girls with less money and creative intelligence supposed to do when Tvind "volunteer directors" plunked them out on street corners in strange cities and told them to raise the required amount of money, however they could?)


Some seem to think that having lots of projects going at once is a character defect. At times I've started lots of projects just for the express purpose of displaying the material available and letting people pre-order the style they liked in the size they wanted...well, it got complicated, so I'm not currently doing that, but it was a strategy, not ADD. Anyway I'm sort of glad that +Marsha Cooper is a multi-project quilter, because her posts so often display so many lovely inspirations...


Good for U-Chi. This site posts trigger warnings when I think of it, as a courtesy, but this site also believes that, as a policy to be enforced on and for everyone, trigger warnings are unworkable. If individuals courteously warn people they know, people whose emotional reactions they know something about, that something contains pro- or anti-war/homosexual/abortion/whatever material, all is well. If teachers are required to issue warnings to entire classes, for all they know a warning to some students may be a trigger for others. A line needs to be drawn somewhere. There are special private schools that protect delicate little children from any mention of guns or "other" religions or the observation that making babies may feel good, but at a public university, a good place to draw the line is around the whole idea of anyone whose mind is all that fragile participating in a university program.

Bad for Anne Arundel County. If Anne Arundel were still living, this idiocy taking place in her name might well kill her!


How to make America's favorite snack, cheap:

Salad idea:

Easy way to take your turmeric, if you take turmeric:


Blogger shares the wit and wisdom of non-blogger friend:

Blogger shares the weirdness of people met in places that provide health care:


This web site recently displayed the following rant/vent post:

Another blogger weighs in:

Meanwhile, +Lyn Lomasi addresses the health concerns of the very young...not in obscene terms, just baby-squick terms, but let's post the link in very formal medical language anyway:

post about safe ways to relieve constipation in infants


More of the problems...refugees are having here; reportedly much worse than the girl assigned to the school where she's falling behind her baby sister. Americans aren't afraid to take in refugee children, no. Maybe some of us aren't afraid to treat the said children badly? Sounds likely. We are a huge and diverse nation, these United States; even in Virginia it's possible to find scum. (And at the Cat Sanctuary? None of us would deliberately mistreat a guest, but let's admit it: with the leaks, creaks, and no electricity, what we can offer guests is basically a camp that's located near good schools.)


Calling all my favorite "big" conservative sites. The Blaze, Townhall, Constitution, all those sites that have good content that I rarely see because the pop-ups and blinking ads are such a bore. Good news! You're going to have to lose the ad-garbage! Google will down-rate you if you don't! So you can switch to nice, content-relevant, modest little text ads that sit in their place at one side of the content and wait for readers who are interested to look at them, the way ads should always do! Hurrah!

Here's the excuse for the pop-up ads, and in terms of the company's overall account balance it may still be true...but it's not true for me. Once you read this post, you too will be motivated to remember a name, e.g. "Netflix," that you once saw in a pop-up ad, and think when you see that name three years later, "Oh yuck, obnoxious pop-up ads, I don't want anything from this company."

Nice Things 

Adorable child salutes local police:


Jason Pye shared three separate news reports about Obamacare:

Phenology Links 

Garden plants in Alabama, plus a wonderful free-range kitten...

Canola in bloom in China (thanks to +Martin Kloess for sharing)...Y'know, talk about a triumph of marketing. The old name for this vegetable was "rabe" or "rape," either of which was properly pronounced "raahp," per Germanic-language spelling rules. Many English-speaking people just didn't take to the vegetable while it was marketed under its old name. Some genius in Canada started pressing the oil from the seeds and marketing that as Canola Oil, and publicists told people, "You can't go out to a field and pick some canola..." Well, now, in practice, you can...and we're discovering that the vegetable actually tastes pretty good, too, considering how nutritious it is.


I don't ordinarily approve of posting recognizable images of living children on the Internet. This, however, is an infant, likely to change a lot before she's out of a parent's sight, and her parents are cancer survivors. So, is this a cute baby or is this a cute baby? Cancer survivors/widows/etc., vote here:

Politics (General) 

Is this young idjit just trolling for attention, or is he spewing hatespeech in a more literate dialect? He needs to read my post from earlier this week, for sure.


Calling all local lurkers with odd-shaped feet! (I know there are a lot of you,'cos a lot of local people are related to me on Dad's mother's side, and we have odd-shaped feet that lots of shoes won't really fit even if they seem to fit. That's why we don't enjoy walking and have backaches, headaches, foot aches, and leg aches.) The comment I just posted on +Sandy KS 's blog reminds me. You've been seeing me in that booth with the shoes, right? I tried selling secondhand shoes when I had my own booth, and they did not move for years and I said "No more," but now they're selling again, especially the odd sizes. Well, guess what? An Internet Portal is a place that can get odd-sized shoes, any size, shape, or color, straight from a lot of manufacturers you have and haven't tried. For my own relatives I don't recommend Nikes or Reeboks--they're generally good shoes but they totally don't work with our kind of feet. Rockport Sports and Sperry Topsiders work well with my feet. But this web site can potentially link you to the whole world of hard-to-find shoes.


+Lyn Lomasi shares what she's learning about taking a very long road trip. Multiple articles:

Western Pennsylvania...almost as beautiful as western Virginia. (LOL. Actually you have to know a place well to tell, by looking at a picture, in which state it was taken.)