Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4 Link Log

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Glenn Beck's new one is called Liars. (Long messy link to e-friends' site embedded in title.)

John McDougall's new one hits Amazon:

+Susan Zutautas ' e-book:



Ford is recalling certain models: "2013-15 Ford C-MAX and Escape, 2012-15 Ford Focus, 2015 Ford Mustang and Lincoln MKC, and 2014-16 Ford Transit Connect ".


Ohhh, this poor Black idjit feels "threatened" by the Revolutionary War flag. On Google + I said that White people might feel "threatened" by the letter X and by any and all rap music, but it could go beyond that. A lot of White people feel "threatened" by any and all Black faces. (Maybe not little Korryn Gaines' baby face--see below--but that'll change after they read about what the brat did.) And come to that, my Significant Other doesn't go into full PTSD mode at the sight of Asian faces, but he loses his appetite in Asian restaurants...Let's just not start. It's not a threat on which anyone should act, even if it's a Confederate flag (or a fist flag), unless it contains (a) words that explicitly threaten a person or persons, and (b) a reasonable basis for believing that the person uttering the said words can and will act on the threat.


Personally, I'm ready for my day of rest now, and it's only Thursday...


What? The left-wing Democrats in the N.E.A. don't like Common Core, either?

If you don't like Common Core and your state uses it, there's a viable alternative:


Is everyone out there aware of this site? Current headline story features Tom Wheeler video:

Food (Yum) 

When you bake or roast potatoes, what do you do with the skins?

Have you ever wanted to try an orange-vanilla-cola-flavored Coca-Cola drink? If you're any kind of soda drinker, after reading this page you will:

Healthier recipes here...even the peach upside-down cake.

Here's a truly minimalist cookie recipe. If shaped and baked they become cookies:

Here's a gluten-free taco seasoning mix. (McCormick's taco seasoning mix is not gluten-free.)

These fruits don't need a dressing, but if you want a dressing the recipe offers one:

Pumpkin Cheerios? Sound delicious. (I've been able to eat Cheerios lately! Huzza!) But are they gluten-free, GMO-free, and glyphosate-free?


This link is a real Hub, which means lots of different things on a single theme make a very long multimedia post. Funny and useful all the way down. Note especially the tip about keeping cats off newly planted seeds and seedlings.

Note card from the gardener linked above:


For autoimmune disorders, I think this writer's nailed it. Why take immunosuppressants if you have a chance to straighten out your immune system without'em?

Joke (with Hint for Students)

Shared by Dave Barry, and no, it doesn't offend me at all. (It would offend women, if it does, because the writer chose to cast the beer drinker as a man and the non-drinker as a woman, so in that specific scenario the punchline might be taken as a display of offensive ignorance about the fact that women usually get lower-paid jobs than men do. It doesn't bother me because the joke works if you change the characters' genders. Four words for women offended by the joke as keyed in: Take a math course. (As in, STEM--science, technology, engineering, math--courses qualify graduates for higher-paid jobs.))


Pretty butterfly picture. If I had Peterson's Field Guide at hand, I'd know which species of Speyeria this was in five minutes, but try and find that kind of simple, well organized information on the Internet in an hour...grumble, grumble, grumble. It could be the Great Spangled Fritillary.

Here's the best page I found for identifying fritillary butterflies:

Less pretty, less commonplace: here's a big annual cicada (what many people in Gate City call jarflies, maybe because their loud noise is jarring, or because they look as big as a jelly jar) at the moment of emergence, before its adult skin firms up and turns black.

Meanwhile, from Australia...kookaburra, kangaroo, and more:

In India, farmers boost crop yields, not by buying hybrid or GMO seeds or using chemical fertilizers, but by putting a little more hand work into their job:

This one seems a bit premature, since pawpaws ripen (in my part of the world) toward the end of September. However, @LivingAlmanac is already Tweeting about a pawpaw festival in Chicago, so maybe Dave's Garden posted this article this week to raise publicity in advance of an event.

This report has lots of nice clear monkey photos, but the headline's the part that's likely to get e-mailed:

News Stories 

The rest of the story about Philando Castile. (Thanks to Patricia Evans for sharing the link.)


More information from Aetna? The real Wall Street Journal story to which JBM refers is linked at To read it, you'll need to subscribe, which was free when I tried it in the past but means an awful lot of updates will fill up your in-box. You may not mind this, especially if you read the WSJ anyway. On a screen? I don't.

Our wonderful friends at the United Nations have another genius idea for the bailout of Obamacare...

Poem at this link, others linked below.

Christian poems--again, one at this link, more links below it.

Politics (Election 2016)

Dave Barry sums up the Democratic party convention:

If anyone keeps talking long enough, eventually s/he will be wrong. For example, although Khizr Khan is correct in his assertion that Donald Trump sacrificed nothing in the Iraq War (nor did most baby-boomers), and in his implication that Trump is tacky (that's his flippin' trademark eh?)...he got one English phrase tragically wrong, as quoted below. There's no vestige of "Black soul" about Trump, and it's a matter for debate whether the #BankruptcyBillionnaire has a soul.

Actually, the position of this web site is that people who get competitive about grief probably do not have souls; they certainly aren't Highly Sensitive souls. (Competitive patriotism makes sense, but grief? ???) Still, consider Scott Adams' take on the story:

What happens if Trump does the decent thing and drops out now? Brian Eno says there's still a chance of nominating a viable replacement:

Politics (General)

What's Rand Paul doing this week?

Morgan Griffith's August office hours:

Thank a Veteran 

How tough is a U.S. Marine?


Gold in Scotland:


Alice Walker's tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh is short and memorable:

Venezuela Update 

What socialism does for a country...these are oilmen being ordered into forced labor to pay off other people's gambling debts: namely, Chavez's and Maduro's. (Get a clue, Alice Walker, and other writers of similar vintage. We have loved you for a long time, but please, get a clue.)


Paranoid storekeeper demands that Muslim woman remove her veil from her face or remove herself from the store, because "we get robbed a lot." It's harder for thieves to hide things under a veil than to hide them under a skirt. In summer I usually wear loose-fitting dresses with long, swishy, baggy skirts that create a breeze when I move, keep off mosquitoes, and would be good for hiding things under. So, would paranoid storekeeper demand that I strip off my dress? We'll never know because I will never, never shop there.

This...twenty-three is old enough to vote and be married in the U.S., but I'm sorry, she looks like a child to me...this little girl in Baltimore demonstrates the exact opposite of what this web site recommends doing. First she refused to display a license plate on her car and started screaming that the police were trying to steal her car. Then when a warrant was served for her arrest, she started screaming that they were trying to kill her, drew a (legally purchased) firearm, and got a five-year-old child wounded in a shoot-out with the police. I don't know...the late David Koresh was attracted to females who were or appeared to be about his mental age of fifteen, but I think young Korryn Gaines might have been too stupid for him. That, or else she wanted to murder a policeman, badly enough to gamble on death versus life imprisonment.

Not in a class with the weirdness above,'s e-mail contained a survey from Congressman Issa, "As your representative..." Darrell Issa is not my U.S. Representative. Morgan Griffith is. Time intern investigation? As in, intern investigates how my name got onto the CA-49 e-mail list, and takes it off? I have no plans to visit California's 49th district; if anybody's voting, posting, or e-mailing from there, it's not I.


Excerpt from that book I want to read:

Women's Issues 

I don't like robots with synthesized female voices either. (While we're at it, I'd say don't change Viv to Victor; change Viv to Van. Sounds more supportive.)


School will be starting soon; in some unfortunate states it's already started. Zazzle is running sales on school supplies like this notebook:

Inspirational Light Bulb custom notebook
Inspirational Light Bulb custom notebook by PizzaRiia
Find other Light bulb Notebooks at

Do students need a "Fix Facts First" notebook? Of course they do! (The template below shows a binder spread out, face down.)

Fix Facts First Binder
Fix Facts First Binder by PriscillaKnits
View other binders at

I saw another notebook design on Zazzle that was so cool, I think it should be in a post all by itself, another day....