Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23 Link Log

Yesterday I wrote a book review that should show up here next month; the book was a "bad day" story for children. Well, so far today I've noticed "summer cold" symptoms, after removing a visiting cat's fresh mess from the porch (over the weekend) and noticing a streppy odor about the mess; then when I dragged my weary bones into the cafe, wondering how many U.S. dollars those forty-something New Zealand dollars had shrunk down to, instead of a Paypal payout notice I found funny business going on at Freelancer.com. The theoretical probability is that this day has to get better soon. Categories: Animals, Books, Food, Politics, Psychology, Zazzle.


This web site has mentioned my dislike of "light pollution" before. I like watching and wishing on falling stars; this was one of the few years when clouds didn't prevent me from watching the main meteor shower of the year--but light pollution did. Here the writer known as Casey Jones documents how light pollution affects cute, likable turtles:


In a separate, though related, case of human stupidity, +Sandy KS documents how ungrateful humans blame and persecute the cats whose "nuisance" activity was probably protecting them from a rat infestation. No, confining and sterilizing the cats is not the answer. Educating the humans is. For me, living in an upscale, but catless, Maryland suburb where rats became the dominant species was very educational. I gave thanks to and for every cat that sneaked out of someone's house!



The trailer for Dave Barry's new one...is hilarious, even for those of us who actually like grapefruit. (Bonus joke, however, and a true recollection: I learned to like grapefruit at my church college, where I started eating it in a show of friendly defiance to a friend who was fond of saying things like, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do--which leaves you pretty much anything except murder, high treason, and eating grapefruit.")


In theory, this link allows you to pre-order a new copy from the publisher in such a way that both DB and I get commissions. Test it, Gentle Readers. You know you want to...

(Btw, how was it possible that, after merely mentioning a few Controlled Substances got Congressman Griffith's E-Newsletter routed straight to the spam folder last week, the weird news stories headlined in Dave Barry's Blog newsletter made it into my in-box? Two of them name body parts which this site isn't going to mention. Also one of Dave Giles' "clashing" headlines, which referred to humans most of whom aren't even female by an obsolete term for female cats, made it through. The ways of Yahoo are strange.)


Determined to get to Google + this week or bust, I found this recipe. Delicious, especially if stores in your area have marked-down, end-of-season fresh raspberries.


Should this one go under Food, Animals, Nature, or Travel? This photo post contains good specimens in all four categories. I think it goes under Food, because the gluten-free macarons are different (though not hard to figure out) and the gluten-free crepes may be unique. Thanks to +LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer for sharing this friend's post.


Politics (General) 

U.S. readers, here's a free e-course (intended, of course, to publicize a real school) for all ages--anyone who'd like to know more about what the President of the United States does, should do, can do. If you sign up now, you'll have absorbed the information before the election.



Kyla Matton Osbourne explains why it's so hard for some people to Fix Facts First (and let) Feelings Follow:



Can you unplug yourself? For how long? +LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer challenges you...I routinely unplug altogether on weekends, as youall know. (On Mondays, the cafe doesn't open but I've usually prodded myself to go to the store and write offline about the goodies we have for sale; those posts then go live on schedule, after I've been back online.) Despite its having been a good year for raspberries, which literally kept me alive this summer, I still don't have electricity (which still means no indoor heat) at home...



This will be the last Zazzle image I'll share for a while, because Zazzle has become a user-hostile site, infested with nasty Captchas that cause the site to fight the user at every single move. I hope my e-friends who've used Zazzle are making money from the sales of their creations. I'm not going to support a site that uses Captchas.