Friday, October 28, 2011

Priscilla Needs a Good Home

The purpose of this post is not to ask you for money--although anybody can support this blog by clicking on the Paypal button at the top of the page, and everybody who has an e-dime should...this post, anyway, is about the Internet search game of typing someone's name and the word "needs" into a search bar. This game shows how much our favorite search engines know, or don't know, about what you need.

According to Yahoo, "Priscilla needs..."

1. "You" on Myspace. I've not checked this out, and I don't plan to. That's some other Priscilla.

2. Connections to classmates from Gallaudet University. The way this one's written, "Needs" may be the person's actual family name. Anyway, I didn't go to Gallaudet.

3. Parties celebrating "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the Musical." LOL.

4. A good home. (This was what I expected would come up first, based on the last time I played this game, and indicates where this article is actually going.) This page shows a picture of a very fluffy, long-haired black and white cat, thought to be seven years old, and up for adoption.

5. Numbers on Facebook. That's not I.

6. A better car. The link indicates that after posting this request at, this lady found the kind of deal on the kind of car she was looking for. Glad to know! Maybe I'll check out this site. This definitely wasn't I.

7. Er, um...chickens. At least, in order to get the link through the Yahoo porn filter, they made the link sound as if it was about chickens. The Cat Sanctuary is not actively looking for chickens. We took in three, a few years ago, and only one survived long enough to find a permanent home.

8. Special prayer. Multiple links about this one come up. They're about Priscilla McGruder, the gospel singer recently diagnosed with cancer. Let's all send prayers or good thoughts to Mrs. McGruder.

Of course, you're all welcome to pray for this blog too...but when I started typing this post, my plan was to call attention to the fact that almost any human name you type into a search engine is likely to generate a link to some lovable homeless animal who's been named after you, or your friend, and who needs a good home. Animal shelters, rescuers, and sanctuaries have started doing this to help more people discover these potential pets on the Internet.

This article constitutes official notice that I, Priscilla King, support and encourage the practice of naming animals after me, especially if they're black cats. My online image has always been, and will always be, a black cat (there've been four different ones over the years). If every single person who reads this blog adopts a friend's kitten, a shelter cat, or a feral cat, and calls it "Priscilla" if female or "King" if male, I'll be delighted. Extra props if it's a short-haired, mixed-breed, black cat with amber eyes...but a good home for any cat in need is a very good thing.

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