Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healthier Foods and the Monsanto Boycott (Update)

What kind of foods are classified as GMO (genetically modified organisms)? What's the connection with Monsanto? Mary Oberg explains:

If I had five dollars in my Paypal account (by the way, that's what that "Donate" button is doing at the top of the page) I'd buy this article. Since I can't buy it and want youall to read it, I'll just list some key words from the article to encourage everyone to read what Mary Oberg has reported about them: Corn. Canola oil. Soybeans. Weedkillers. Sugar. Papayas. Corn syrup. Zucchini. Veggie burgers. California. Pennsylvania. Georgia. North Dakota. Iowa. Idaho. Indiana. Oklahoma. Arizona. West Virginia. Butter. Hogs. Beef cattle. Chickens.

And I'll add this reminder: Although they're not currently being produced for the commercial market and you practically have to know Grandma Bonnie Peters personally to get one...Grandma Bonnie's "Allergy-Ease" Veggie Burgers contain neither soy nor corn. If you want to participate in the current Monsanto boycott and still eat veggie burgers, this is the brand to buy.