Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hair Colors: What Do Women Prefer?

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on April 30, 2014. Image credit: Typexnick at; and Aimee Low at )

I don't many women out there even have one consistent preference? 

Obviously we're not talking about the love of your life and the fact that he might happen to be a different type than the type you consider easiest to look at, in a general way. Obviously whether we feel a physical attraction, much less decide to take it seriously, or not, is a completely different question than which type of actor is better cast as the romantic lead in a movie or would be a more effective model on whom to hang clothes or jewelry we've made.

In case any men are reading this, and don't understand what I'm talking about...My father was handsome. My brother was handsome. Most of my cousins are handsome. Men I find attractive don't look very much like my father, brother, or cousins. I trust this makes the point clear.

Anyway, female readers, do you have a preference, and if so what is it? 
As a type I'd say dark hair and fair skin is most likely to look good. That's not to say that individuals of other types don't look good, or that, if I were staging a fashion show, I wouldn't try to find a mixed assortment of models (including some with grey/white hair). Maybe the reason why I think the basic human type is more likely to look attractive than the less common mutations is that such a huge majority of humankind have dark hair and fair to pale tan skin.