Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's a Complicated World

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on May 10, 2014. Image credit: Pmcel at

The oversimplified philosophy in the Disney "Small World" theme song never worked for me...

Disney’s world was small, but God’s world is great;
To know God’s great world was not Disney’s fate.
What he tried to believe could only deceive
Both himself and others too.

(Refrain) Some smiles mean friendship, and others don’t.
Some people will love us, and others won’t.
It’s a great, wide world! It’s a wonderful world!
It’s a complicated world!

There’s a time for hate and a time for love.
There are things below us and things above.
What helps A and B may do harm to C.
We need Wisdom every day.

There are times when love must be stern and tough,
There are times when it’s soft as a powder puff.
We must always discern, there’s always more to learn
In God’s complicated world.

You’ll not find a true friend on every street,
And true lovers take many years to meet.
So, if you would be kind, search on until you find
Friends who will prove true when tried.

Don’t chase after people who like their space.
Don’t read your feelings onto another face.
Differences we see, for diversity
Is God’s plan for God’s great world.

Remember, if you want to dispel the gloom,
There’d be no wars if each one stayed in his room.
Don’t “reach out” for love, but just look above
This great complicated world.