Monday, April 27, 2015

Joe Biden on Continuing Education

From the office of Vice-President Joe Biden:

How many folks do you know who feel like they're stuck in their job? Think about it for a second.
They've been working in the same position for a while. They work hard every day, and take pride in what they do. But they feel like they're going nowhere in their jobs and have no options to gain the education and training they need to move up. They want more for themselves and their families.

Maybe it's a friend or a relative of yours. Maybe it's you.

Today, we're taking steps to change that. Because, in America, you should have a shot at gaining the skills you need to move up no matter where you are within your company or in your career.

Today, here at the White House, we brought together employers, labor leaders, and educators to talk about how upskilling expands opportunity for millions of workers and helps the United States have a better-trained, more productive workforce. Companies, in partnership with other stakeholders, made commitments to improve their training opportunities for their workers.

Our country has a lot riding on this. With a resurgent economy, we have a global economic edge right now. But to keep it, we've got to build and maintain the most highly skilled workforce in the world.

Because here's what we know: By helping workers gain new skills that will get them that promotion, move them along in their career, and leave them better-positioned to move into jobs that will open up down the road -- we provide a pathway to the middle class for these workers and their families.

That's how we help make the American Dream real for every family. That's our job. Here's your job:

If you're an employer, you can commit to improving your practices to make sure every employee has an opportunity to improve their skills, and in turn, your company's bottom line.

If you're currently on the job or looking for work, you can learn about opportunities across the country to upskill, right now.

Think about the people you know who feel like they've gone as far as they can go in their current jobs, but who you know can do more if they were given the opportunity to get better. Share this information with them. Help them help themselves get ahead.

That's the only way this thing works.



Vice President Joe Biden"