Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: Naked Instinct

A Fair Trade Book

Title: Naked Instinct
Author: +Frank Sanello 

Author's Google+ page:
Date: 1997
Publisher: Birch Lane Press
ISBN: 1-55972-402-1
Length: 210 pages of text, plus introduction and color photos
Quote: “I’ve often thought that if I could get a 900 number and charge all the people who say they’ve had sex with me—or say they know someone who’s had sex with me—two dollars a call, I’d never have to work again.”
It’s an unauthorized biography. I don't really approve of unauthorized biographies of living people, but if you do, here’s Sharon Stone’s.
Frank Sanello is in love with Sharon Stone, he tells us. Which brings us to the usual question about men who fall in love with actresses: which of her roles? The ice-pick murderer? It’s not as if Sharon Stone had done a lot of wholesome movies. 
It’s not as if she’d done a lot of movies, period. In 1997, Sharon Stone was far too young to have a publishable serious biography. This book is not a serious biography. It’s basically a movie review with a little Hollywood gossip.

In 1997, I'd seen all of Sharon Stone's movies except Basic Instinct, in the company of young men who'd apparently fallen in love with Stone's infamous role in that borderline-pornography movie. I'd rated the actress talented but not great, attractive but not beautiful, and unfortunately stuck with an image and body of work I couldn't imagine a woman liking. I read Naked Instinct for the fan's-eye view of this actress and her films, and it was interesting, in its way.

Since 1997...well...people looking for Christian inspiration, or for a wholesome role model for their daughters, aren't going to be interested in Sharon Stone anyway. I'll say this much for her though; at least she's found more interesting ways to keep her image "controversial" than the cliches of addictions and divorces. 

For those who want a detailed study of this actress's early life and work, here is Naked Instinct. Since Frank Sanello is still alive (and writing nonfiction books), it's a Fair Trade Book: send salolianigodagewi @ $5 for the book + $5 for shipping, and Sanello or a charity of his choice will receive $1. (The shipping fee is per package, and although Naked Instinct is a full-sized book you could probably fit at least one more book into the package and still pay only $5.)