Monday, April 13, 2015

What a Difference a K Makes (Local Names)

(On January 17, 2014, while walking to the computer center I came up with forty puns in response to a Washington Post Style Invitational challenge to generate logical explanations of new "words" formed either by adding a K to an existing word or phrase, or by substituting the K for a letter in the word or phrase. The puns then appeared on Bubblews as a four-part series with ten puns per post. Image credit: MaxStraeten at

Local lurkers beware...allowing me a long walk time on the way to the computer center may result in more punishment...especially with encouragement from the Washington Post Style Invitational:

These commemorate places and people in the local area:

Kingspork: Place where swine were raised for the royal table.

Clinchpork: Place where swine were raised for sale to anyone who could catch them. (Did you know that catching a greased pig was a sport that attracted spectators in the eighteenth and nineteenth century?)

Cake Springs: Site of a bakery known for producing spongy pastries.

Kate City: Town taken over by Winslet fans.

Reeky Creek: After all the reeds were killed by chemical effluvia...

Leek County: Place known for producing pungent vegetables.

Jokesville: Site of an institution for failed humorists...and you don't want to know what goes on in nearby Punnington Gap...

Daniel Booke: Author of the fifteen-volume saga "Bearslayer!".

Godwink Hall: Site of many fortuitous coincidences.

And of course, Had it not been for Bubblews, frustration with glitches in Google Ad Sense might have led me to start a spin-off web site featuring underpaid actors in tight jeans.