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Link Log for April 16

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Should pets have nicknames? Well...if they're Listening Pets, you have to understand that the animal will pick up on the nickname right away, so you might want to plan on making it a word the animal will learn. The Cat Sanctuary used to have a Queen whose name was officially recorded as "Minnie," with "Minnie Mouse" having been the nickname, but at one stage in her life she would only ever answer to "Minnie Mouse"--not "Minnie." Later we had a Queen whose heir was officially "Princess Anne," but the cat answered to "Annie." Currently...well, sometimes I call Irene "Renie" as a term of endearment.

Since I'll probably never speak to him anyway, I've nicknamed +Ruth Cox 's dog Valentino "the Handsome Hound." Help the Handsome Hound and his human move:

Cute idea for enhancing your cat's favorite cardboard box...

Dogs...having fun. (Social cats are sooo much more highly evolved. Not!)


Is Google getting too big?


Knitters and crocheters agree: there's no such thing as too much can always substitute a yarn bin for any other piece of furniture! Ask +Theresa Wiza:

And, in case you're wondering how to use all those scraps, here's a tip for combining them in ways that add personal symbolism...

Got nuisance plants? Ailanthus trees? Kudzu? Bidens? There's a way to make all of them useful...

Here's a cute baby quilt design stitched by +Marsha Cooper :


How to get kids to write a research paper:


No comment:

But I can comment on this "faith" story: there are some disease conditions, and this family describe one of them, that can be miraculously cured by the patient spending some time in an unusual position. Senator Orrin Hatch's mysterious temporary deafness was a similar condition. Many massage therapists have cured these conditions, and some may even have sincerely convinced themselves they did it by some special power. In Neuro-Muscular Therapy we study the physical processes involved...not all of which are fully understood, or can be controlled, even by doctors who work with this kind of conditions. That does not keep us from respecting the "miracles," sometimes involving accidents, intuitions, or prayer/meditation/trance experiences, in which people who have no idea what happened to them are genuinely, permanently cured. It's not necessarily chance that guides people into the positions that put them right!


This is my kind of salad. On or off the lettuce.

Multiple recipes:


Want to laugh at a picture of Hitler looking really stupid? More so than he usually did, I mean. Reportedly an authentic live photo...


Yet another book documenting the complexity--eccentricity, even--of Abraham Lincoln, possibly our most unusual President...actually, his sympathy with European Jewish immigrants wouldn't have been all that eccentric, if it hadn't been part of a pattern of abnormal generosity and good will. Lots of people wanted to abolish slavery, but...Old Abe also awarded full college scholarships to all the children, male and female, of a Confederate soldier who picked up undulant fever in a Yankee prison. He was definitely a man you wouldn't have met every day.


How much time would you care to spend on this island?

Kid's picture:

Beautiful British phenology pictures, documenting that spring in Cornwall has reached just about the same stage as spring in the point of Virginia. (Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing the link.)

Spring comes later in Canada, +Susan Zutautas documents:

Red flowers in Florida:


Elizabeth Barrette also shared this:


"Dirt on the Clintons" was practically an industry in the 1990s. What can I say, it paid for a lot of my cross-the-state commutes. Here, Mother Jones turns supposedly friendly fire on Hillary Rodham Clinton with a short recap of the Clinton-bashing trade (strategically failing to mention some of the better Clinton-bashing books, like The Final Days and Partners in Power, but still a good starting point for young readers to catch up).

Social Issues 

Said it before, we'll say it again: The Meitiv family need to get out of Loco Mo.Co., because, even though "free-range parenting" is generally a good idea, a place where "kids" as old as Chandra Levy have indeed been kidnapped and murdered is not a good place for "free-range parenting."\

It doesn't really happen nearly as often as panic-stricken people seem to think...but if there's a place where it's likely to happen, the Georgia Avenue corridor is that place.

How bad is asking people to surrender their cell phones and cameras before meeting with a celebrity? This web site doesn't call it an outrageous request...but this web site would like to warn Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign staff that, even though it later came out that Elizabeth Taylor Warner had a valid, not even alcohol-related reason for asking people not to use flash cameras during her visit to my home town, she lost an awful lot of fans that way. For years everybody "knew" she'd been hung-over.