Monday, April 13, 2015

Ridiculously Easy Way to Support This Blog

For the 108,156 readers of this blog who have not used the Paypal button to send us money...the first thing you need to know is that, if you do believe writers should be paid but the button just isn't working for you, you can always contact our Message Squirrel at salolianigodagewi @ (Real contact information for the real members of this site never appears on this site, but gets forwarded by the Message Squirrel.)

The next thing you need to know is that, if you are yourself so poor that a $25 store gift card would make a difference in whether you're able to make a craft project, buy a pair of shoes, or get the extra school supplies the kids need, there is a site where you can earn that $25 gift card just by answering idiotically easy shopping questions.

Works for me. No spam, no cybergarbage that's fouled up any computer I've used, no personal questions. They want to know what you do and don't buy and why. If the reason is that you can't afford it, the business people who generate these surveys want to know. They send out one or two surveys a week; none of them has taken longer than ten minutes; most take two or three.

And, if you use this link to sign up, I get another $25 shopping spree at Michaels.