Monday, April 27, 2015

Link Log for April 27

Short, because I won't be here long...


Sloth Sanctuary update:

Fun sloth tee designed by Todd Selby for American Apparel
Your gift when you donate an Almond Tree: limited edition sloth tee from American Apparel & Todd Selby
(Why am I sharing the cute graphic instead of the bare unadorned URL? Because I can. At least I think I can. This web site does occasionally like to try new things.)

Those for whom it works may also enjoy Taylor Swift's cat video:

Book Review

I remember reading this book and writing a long, detailed reaction/review explaining why, although I enjoyed the book, I didn't really trust or agree with it...well, you can guess, actually. Though the review is likely to show up here, eventually. Wendy Welch's review is more succinct, less patient...


Dave Barry says it all.


U.S. readers...this link should take you to the URLs where you too can find what we missed, back in March, at that historic gathering of Tea Parties and Seventh-Day Adventists. I can't download it here, but I'll definitely download it when I can. Print it, too, if possible.