Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review: Mystery by Moonlight

Title: Mystery by Moonlight
Author: Mary C. Jane
Date: 1963
Publisher: J.B. Lippincott
ISBN: none; click here to see it on Amazon
Length: 114 pages of text and drawings by Raymond Abel
Quote: “Morgan’s Green was only a ghost of a house.Yet for years—ever since the night it burned—Miss Morgan had sent her hired man to mow the lawns around the ruins...”
And one night, walking home from a movie, two boys and their sister hear sounds coming from the old house. The boys’ buddy, who is the sheriff’s son, immediately thinks of robberies that have taken place in the area. The girl’s best friend, who is afraid of lonely places, immediately thinks of ghosts. The girl, who has been sneaking into a shed outside the old house to write poetry in peace,  immediately thinks she’s in trouble. And of course, given the genre and period of this short, easy-to-read novel, each of the kids is partly right and each of them has a part to play in solving the mystery.
Although the characters are drawn as if they’re in their early teens, the story is written to be accessible to middle school readers. The solution to the mystery isn’t too obvious to allow adults to enjoy this remarkably innocent and warmhearted detective story.

Google reports that Mary C. Jane died in 1991, so this is not a Fair Trade Book. We still have to charge $5 for the book + $5 for shipping. We encourage you to buy a Fair Trade Book and add Mystery by Moonlight to the package, so that you'll pay only the one shipping charge and thus get this little book for only $5.