Monday, April 27, 2015

To All Our New French and Russian Readers...

According to Google this web site has experienced a readership explosion in France and Russia. My guess is that that's because Google's translation software is automatically displaying this site in what looks to me to be a very strange form of French at, and in some sort of Russian at

Well...if you're reading this site in a language other than English, this web site apologizes. This web site welcomes all readers. This web site is, however, aware that what it seems to say in languages other than English may be very different from what this web site actually said.

This web site has long aspired to be properly translated into Spanish by a human, as it might be a bilingual relative of mine in Texas, but so far that's not happening. This web site is not responsible for the quirks of the French negative/comparative particles, which I personally have never quite understood, but which appears to me to be systematically reversing the meaning of some sentences I've typed into this site. This web site has no idea what it may seem to be saying in Russian.

So, to all our foreign readers: if something you read here makes no sense, blame the computer. This web site never asked to be computer-translated.