Thursday, April 2, 2015

Humans Dumber Than Social Cats (Gross-Out Warning)

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on April 14, 2014. Image: mine--the cat called Heather, displaying social and intelligent behavior. Yes, her eyes really are a very dark amber, almost brown.)

There's a nice clear photo of the woman we're talking about here...

Apparently this woman lived alone, in town, and when she moved out of her house, the relatives who went in found seven dead and decomposing human babies in the garage. DonaldPennington reports further details.

I'm not convinced that the woman necessarily put the babies there. [Update: she later confessed that she did.]
When women who are old enough not to be terrorized by the mere thought of rape live alone, sometimes they get harassed. Sometimes foreign objects are left on their property at night, to be discovered by the property owner. Sometimes the purpose of this harassment is to cause a woman to feel too disgusted to monitor what's going on on her property. Sometimes the harasser(s) hope that she'll sell out cheap. I have a neighbor who's tried that, actually, and the answer is NOT FOR A MILLION DOLLARS, NOT FOR A BILLION, NOT WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE. (Of course I am metaphorically yelling, so as to be heard by a rat-dropping thirty miles away.) So when I read that these seven babies were found in the woman's garage, I have to wonder...she does look like someone who's been afraid to look in her garage for a while and has found out that the nasty stuff deposited in it included human babies. I could believe that. When I find a live snake in my yard I just remove it, but I know women who would be terrorized enough to stop checking their outbuildings if that happened to them.

That said...somebody out there may have born into a human body but failed to develop a human brain, and should be put down as quickly and humanely as any rabid skunk. And if I were a police detective, I'd consider other suspects, including male relatives, ex-boyfriends, and guys this woman turned down for dates, as well as considering her as a suspect.

Nevertheless, the mind still long were those seven bodies left to rot in that garage, and how was it possible for this woman not to notice the odor, and why, even if she had reason to suspect it was just another rat or snake or something that had been dumped in the garage to scare her, didn't she call some braver person to go in and investigate?

Last week two of my cats gave birth to ten kittens. I was afraid one of those kittens was going to be dead on arrival, but it came out alive. But it didn't live long, and neither did one of its cousins. So the mother cats tenderly laid the sick kittens to rest, away from the others, to recover or die. And they died. And I noticed an odor and said to myself, "Oh what a bore, I'll have to move things around, find those bodies, and bury them." But before I'd finished the chore I was doing while making that mental note, one or both of the cats had taken the bodies out and buried them. (They had seen their mother bury one of their own young cousins, when they were young; their mother had seen me bury another one of their young cousins.) I suspect Heather was the one who did the work, because when I took the cats their breakfast this morning Irene's facial expression looked to me more like "See, we took care of that for you! We can take care of our own kittens on our own, even if we do want your house to do it in," and Heather's looked more like "Bleeaarrgghh...aren't you glad you didn't have to do what I've just finished doing, before breakfast at that." 

Social cats are as disturbed by seeing the dead bodies of their friends as humans are. They also have a good sense of smell, not as strong as a dog's, but stronger than a human's. And so, the first few times a Cat Sanctuary cat or kitten died, the other resident adult cats watched me bury it and looked sad and subdued, and then, two years ago, the cat Candice buried a dead kitten all by herself...and Candice's daughter remembered how it was done.

But this woman...those who are saying she's obviously insane have a point. She may not be a murderer, but there have to be a few wires loose somewhere.

But. Nevertheless. What about the rest of the neighborhood? None of them has the sense, or senses, God gave a lot of alley cats?