Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14 Link Log

Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Animals, Faith, Health, News, Travel.

Obligatory Fundraising Links

Animals has been sending out e-mails that are snagging in the spam filter because they contain pictures and/or videos. Today's petition sounds like something I actually don't think needs to change:

"Wildlife-killing contests are currently allowed as a form of "charitable gambling" in Minnesota...Cash prizes are awarded for the most coyotes killed, and the largest and smallest killed as well. There aren't many rules, and there's no limit."

I can't say that a coyote-killing contest sounds like fun, any more than digging up poison ivy or picking beetles off the beans is fun, but these chores do reduce the unpleasantness in everyone's life.


Simple Bible study (Christian, but it should be acceptable to Jews, Muslims, and possibly Buddhists too):


Vegans aren't immune to cancer, and going vegan doesn't cure cancer...but, John McDougall says, going vegan can help (people ingest fewer carcinogens and more antioxidants).


Did you watch the State of the Union Address? Neither did I (I'm blessed with a TV-free home). Here's where to read it:


Dan Lewis describes a very cool vacation site in Sweden.