Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3 Link Log

(New Year's resolution: change the format of Link Log titles so Blogspot doesn't assign them confusable titles.) Only three links today, but why wait till tomorrow to post them? Categories: Animals, Constitutional Rights...some more interesting-looking links are in the e-mail, but I'll check them out tomorrow.


First the Cat Sanctuary Update: This link is going wherever I go in cyberspace until the funding goals are met. If you get tired of seeing it, send me money ;-)

Constitutional Rights

Years ago, in an overcrowded apartment complex in Wheaton, Maryland, a drunk came at me with a knife. I knew him slightly; he wasn't a big man or a really mean one. So, scared but sober, I twisted his wrist and confiscated his knife. You know, the way the Cartwrights were always doing to armed maniacs on "Bonanza." Sometimes it works in real life.

The guy whose wrist I twisted wasn't badly hurt, and claimed me as a friend, afterward, when soberer. But I will admit, I'd be likely to flee from a drunk waving a gun. However, Kaitlyn Schallhorn reports on a minister who stood up to a gunman who barged into church:

Randy the Barefoot's thoughts on real gun safety, a.k.a. being a responsible gun owner. (For those who don't remember him from Associated Content, he's known for serious posts with a sense of humor.)