Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26 Link Log

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Yikes, the computer center's closing two hours early. I didn't plan for this. Anyway, Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Education, Fun Stuff, Health News, Ohio Jokes, Virginia Legislature.
Obligatory Fundraising Links
Share them far and wide, Gentle Readers.
It's National School Choice Week in the U.S...
(If you click on the photo, you should get the option of buying the first edition, which will probably be offered at collector prices. A bit of browsing will offer the option of buying a newer edition. I'm sharing this picture because it has emotional associations for me; my family were school choice activists in the early, difficult years. John Holt, who was still alive when my parents bought copies of his books, including this one, was as good a pen friend as anybody could have had.)
Fun Stuff
It took a while to spot the connection that steered people from The Verge's editor's blog to this blog. I think the connection might be Emily Yoshida's blog post giving advice to depressed people: "I’ve never found it very productive to make “happy” the goal. “Functional” is a much less subjective goal, and oftentimes happiness is a cool side effect. For me, going outside and getting vitamin D and sweating has a great deal of psychosomatic benefit." Mostly, though, this is a blog about new (not so cheap) entertainment.
This seems to have started out as an interesting blog; it'd be nice if Noa Magen had continued it...
Health News
Health seminars for vegans with the McDougalls...this temporary link is guaranteed for six months:
Further variations on the theme:
Ohio Jokes
Whatever they may sound like, Ohio jokes (a genre started in Kentucky in response to the genre of jokes about Kentucky told in Ohio) are not merely moron jokes. They are actual news items, reported in Ohio newspapers. Like this one:
Virginia Legislature
Virginia readers may remember that last year our own State Senator Carrico sponsored a bill similar to these two, then backed away in order to wait and see what the federal government was going to do about the issue of "policing for profit." Nasty accusations were made, although waiting to be sure the bill will be compatible with federal legislation makes sense. This year, requiring that a suspect be convicted of a crime before the suspect's assets can be seized has been the topic of two bills. Neither is sponsored by, or currently in the hands of, Senator Carrico. Both are backed by the A.C.L.U.:
Each year, each Delegate introduces a "Resolution to Commend" a couple of constituents. These bills, or "Joint Resolutions," are sometimes memorial orations presented after someone has retired or died. Other times, when they celebrate living people (and businesses), they're some of the most enjoyable reads at lis.virginia.gov. One of Terry Kilgore's commendations seems to me to deserve a post of its own, because I intended to brag on this student too...just haven't got to it yet. His other one, also a fun read, commends a commendable store: