Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8 Link Log

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Well, Blogjob's "down" today. Will I be able to post anything there? (Since the review of another hilarious Dave Barry book self-posted, as scheduled, this morning.) Time to catch up on Twitter and, yes, looks as if there's also time to catch up on Persona Paper. Sure enough, Blogjob came back up right around the time I'd checked everything e-friends posted at PP during the past 24 hours (I've linked only the best of it). Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Animals, Baltimore, Censorship, Christian, Food, Health, Music, Nature Notes, News, Safety Tips, Sports.
Obligatory Fundraising Links 
Somebody asked what makes this project unique. Well...check out the other writing projects on Indiegogo. I'm not saying that they are bids to get the "bloggy" sort of blogs published as books, but that is what they sound like; the writers aren't offering information readers can use for themselves. I am. Frugal Gracious Living Challenge posts will consist of facts--a run-down of what I'm doing while living on $1000 a month, and a more detailed explanation of one thing a reader could do within that budget, such as a recipe, DIY project, craft project, etc. I'm proposing to post one Frugal Gracious Living Challenge story and one book review on Blogjob, which means the rants, Link Logs, memoirs, and unsold articles will go back to Blogspot.
Valentino's back...on video:
And still photos:
And a poem:
Other lovable animals:
Less lovable animals.
Warning: Daniel Horowitz's report is not good news. Prayers and peace/healing vibrations for Baltimore are requested, Gentle Readers.
Y'know, some humans (and a lot of cats) are just hard to call either "he" or "she." (Right up until my cat Bisquit had kittens, even the vet was sticking with "it.") And if they just say, peaceably and rationally, "I'm a 'he'" or "I'm a 'she'," I think they're doing their acquaintances a favor. But...censorship is evil. That's why I think we all need to chant, whenever it seems likely to do the most good: "Na na na na na! Bruce Jenner is a boy-y!" (Picking on a celebrity is less unkind than picking on any private person you might know.)
Warning: the following link is university-level Christian Studies. My comment is that the "insider movements" of born-again Christians who want to retain their former religious identity are not new. Messianic Jews have been around for at least as long as I've been around. Islam has long been described as a Christian heresy, and Sufi Muslims have apparently always been characterized as a sort of compromise between Islam and Christianity.
Personally, I've always quibbled with Christians who talk as if they believed in more than one God. What they really mean, of course, is that differences in what people believe about the one God can be as divisive as if these people weren't talking about the same God. So it's a semantic quibble, but...yes, the Old Testament Hebrew names for God (YHWH, Elohim, Elohe, Elohenu, etc., and also the titles like Adonai, Ha Shem, Hokmah, etc.) mean the same Supreme Being that the New Testament Greek (Theos) or Latin-translation (Deus) names mean. And so, properly understood, does Allah, which is a "cognate," a variant form, of Elohe. This does not mean that all Muslims are sane or understand God in a proper or even in a sane way. What I believe it does mean is that human beings whose brains develop normally have senses of conscience, and of spiritual consciousness, that produce certain ineluctable similarities in their religious understandings, however wrongheaded we may be in our differences. There's a detailed exposition, with a table of quotes, in The Abolition of Man.
Food (Yum) 
Shared by a wonderful Twit whose screen name may constitute a violation of Google's contract (teehee), but if you follow me on Twitter you'll see whom I mean.
New dietary guidelines don't specify, but do recommend, being at least a part-time vegan. Thanks to the McDougalls for this link:
There's no question that Dr. Church's essential facts are accurate. (Btw, was "Church" his original name? How...punny.) Fox doesn't seem to have investigated just how obnoxious he was in those messages to co-workers, though. Without that information, I still don't know which side I'm on. Oh well...what everyone needs to read is that, however warm'n'fuzzy we may feel toward people whose sexual practices don't appeal to us, certain specific sexual practices are unhygienic and unhealthy, in the same way that certain business, workout, even reading practices are unhealthy.
It's a twentieth century symphony, composed in Japan...but by whom? Linked because those whose computers are wired for sound may want to listen to the audio clips.
Nature Notes 
John the Indexer is posting a whole series of short articles and photos about British plants. Here are some that are found, or have close relatives, in the U.S.:
Background on the Bundys' role in the Malheur mess:
Remember that story Glenn Beck covered, in detail--was it Arguing with Idiots or Inconvenient Book?--about how hard it was, how long it took, to fire a New York public school teacher for gross incompetence? Here's a teacher being fired for teaching a history lesson that woke kids up. Although the lesson caused no riots, there is apparently a fear that, if teenagers are awake, they're likely to riot.
Belated, but too cute to overlook...I think Hallmark and M&M's should get together, buy this little verse, and market it with Christmas M&M's packages.
Safety Tips 
Gun control means...well, your gun properly. Chicken fat is good pet food or wild animal bait, but...
President Obama has called for one regulation that seems unenforceable as he's described it, but sensible. Should survivors of violent crimes be denied the right to carry weapons? I say yes--if they're using any of the medications that are strongly correlated with sudden attacks of violent insanity. Tipper Gore didn't freak out on Prozac, but she could have done. She should have been disarmed while using that potentially deadly drug. The way to do that, of course, is not to hassle all the gun owners or users--that's unworkable and unethical--but to require close supervision for any patient using Prozac, or any SSRI antidepressant drug, or any other drug that's also associated with sudden urges to kill people. Once weaned off the drugs, these people are unlikely to break out in pseudomemories and violent urges, so they should be free to resume normal lives.
My city's team and my Twitter referrer's team will be playing football this weekend...