Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6 Link Log

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Obligatory Fundraising Links 
Here's the nonpartisan post, with perks, and the option of contributing via credit/debit card as well as Paypal.
Here's the post aimed at the party that usually ask me for money.
No money to contribute? I can so relate. Overworked, underpaid online writers contribute to fundraising campaigns by sharing links. (And Google found the IndieGoGo, or IGG, shortlink at the Blogjob page of  +Barbara Radisavljevic . Thank you, @barbrad !)
No site can catch all the scams, but here's one that's recommended:
Food (Yum) 
Here's a simple dessert...gluten-free, and made basically out of what everyone else seems to try to avoid...milk, eggs, and sugar.
Fun Facts 
Rare and pretty stones were "made" by careless workers...
Note that the helpful people in this story didn't try to impose their agenda on the person helped. If you want to help someone, empty your mind, bow your head, and say "Please tell me what to do."
This is actually a good idea, as long as the principle discussed above is kept in mind. Many people who are homeless (or who have a long commute to work!) want and need to be able to take showers downtown without renting a hotel room for the whole day. And then again...some people are homeless because, among other things, they can't stand the sensation of a shower and don't want anybody telling them to take one.
Phenology Link 
How many El Nino years ago was 1997? This report doesn't prove that El Nino effects are or are not gradually growing stronger. What it proves is that we've seen some weird weather, and we're going to see even weirder weather. (Remember Thomas Friedman's hypothesis of "global weirding"?) Hang on for a bumpy ride.
A new Irish blessing from the late John O'Donohue:
Valentines Day 
+Peach purple reminds us that it's time to start hoarding cute things to make an especially cute and meaningful DIY Valentine card:
Cards are for friends, co-workers, and of course school children. If you're part of an adult couple and thus expected to give someone more than a card, here are some crafts and gifts:
Virginia Legislature 2016 
Thanks to Carol Stopps for a pleasant reminder that it's time to hang out at again. (If you live in Virginia, anyway.) Brags on my legislators at the Blogspot.
Blogger becomes senior editor...see, it's still possible...