Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5 Link Log

(Blogjob "long-tailed tags" make it easier to keep track of long Link Logs, even on Blogspot, don't you think? This one's tags: Frugal Gracious Living ChallengeInternational Fellowship of Christians and JewsRead the Bills ActRuby Ridge disasterSecond Amendment rightswriting retreat.)

Some of these links aren't breaking news, since I'm still working my way back through things that came in before Christmas. All of them are still, in my judgment, worth reading. Apologies if you've seen them before. Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Animals, Charity, Constitutional Rights, Politics, Writing.
Obligatory Fundraising Links 
Here's the first fundraising appeal to the general public...I still think Republicans need to use it, because this is Republican-style poverty relief in the round, but any number can play. Generous funders get to decide which charities I'll support out of $1000 a month. If people like +Garrison McDavid or +Arianna Huffington want to pick UNICEF as a beneficiary, or somebody like Glenn Beck wants to pick a Mormon church fund, that's allowed under the rules. (So, Republican Protestants had better get in and stop them!)
Will the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge really become a book? Hey, don't knock it...Nickel and Dimed did. I enjoyed that book immensely. I have a lot of respect for Barbara Ehrenreich's talent--would I buy and recommend books by a well-known Socialist if she weren't an excellent writer? There's a lot of truth in Nickel and Dimed, even though there's also a lot of truth that's been left out of it. And, with all of that due respect, I believe the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge has the potential to generate a better book than Nickel and Dimed. Happier. More practical. Equally well supported by research, and, this is a judgment call depending on the reader's sense of humor, but some might well say equally witty about serious content. And more inspiring for young working parents to read.
Bird photos worth enjoying, if your computer can handle them:
Amazing story:
Contrary to popular belief, the whole world is not basking in the El Nino Christmas thaw weather the U.S. recently enjoyed. In some places, like the former Soviet Union, even what they call a mild winter is pretty dang cold...and some people, including elderly Jewish people, have to be pretty much Out In It. Here's a legitimate charity site that tries to help. (Our late friend Oogesti used to send these people money; somebody out there needs to fill the gap.)
Constitutional Rights 
Under what circumstances they cried on camera...President Reagan cried when good people died young, and didn't we all. President Clinton cried when he didn't get just what he wanted for himself. President Obama cried when he knew dang well he was violating the U.S. Constitution, and whatever he did would be overruled or repealed next year in any case. Well, once again he beats Clinton on style, anyway.
Just ignore him, Allen West said, as reported at a web site that I'm not recommending because it behaved badly for this computer. I would suggest not ignoring any gun laws signed into law, and so no doubt would Randy Weaver.
Publius Huldah live in Roanoke:
U.S. readers only: Wouldn't it be an improvement if Congress were required to limit bills to one topic, and enough words about it that they actually read those bills, so that they never created a "We have to pass it to find out what's in it" mess again? If you'd like to promote this good idea, which is also known as a "Read the Bills Act," click here:
Hope Clark shared this link to a "virtual writing retreat." I will definitely not have a place to do this, but some of you might:
And some of you might also want to check out these publishers.