Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19 Link Log A-H

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Ah, the joys of being a hack writer...I've never collected money from Publisher A, but am finally starting to pick up more badly paid work from Publisher B. This, of course, means less social time and fewer links. Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Animals, Cartoons, Free Stuff, Health, Holiday.
Obligatory Fundraising Links 
Share them and get them funded so they'll go away.
(This one was written to target Republicans, because a lot of Republicans have me on e-mail lists, and at the end of the year they send out a lot of e-mail asking for money...and the idea of Mitch McConnell asking me for money, on a day when I wasn't even eating, sort of got to me. As mentioned on Indiegogo, the project I want to do is not specifically political and could easily be funded by Democrats, if they're my kind of Democrats, as distinct from President Obama's kind. Or it could be funded by non-political people--I've e-mailed a suggestion to a corporation whose products have a good chance of being chosen in the Search for the Greenest Refrigerator, and I mentioned the Mormon church because of its history of encouraging church members to say no to welfare. Some people have shared it--thank you very much, you're good e-friends--with people in other countries, and although my project is quite specific there's no reason why it has to be funded from within the United States, if people elsewhere are interested. Nevertheless, although I welcome funding from almost any source, I do think this is a project Republicans need. For their own benefit as well as mine.)
Today's book link explains why this project is so important to Republicans: Republicans desperately need to show that they have a "heart" of compassion for poor people. Republicans who've thought about this matter, as Arthur Brooks has, and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have for that matter, have discussed their idea of helping poor people in the way that makes the most sense to me as a poor person. I'm a poor person because (a) I thought I had enough different job skills to go on earning good money until I became totally disabled--by which I don't mean merely blind, wheelchair-bound, or missing an arm, like some of the most talented, frugal, independent people I've known and learned from; and (b) I was wrong; and (c) my husband's ex-wife, the vampire, absconded with all of his money, and the state of Maryland let her. I am not a poor person because I need somebody who was at the bottom of the classes where I was at the top in college, i.e. a social worker, to take over my life and tell me what I "need" and dictate how much of this and that I'm allowed to have. I do not need those things at all. All I've ever needed, even if I grant that a widow needs to survive at all, has been fair pay for what I do. That's all I've ever wanted, and all I've ever asked for. So at least three well-known Republicans are currently expressing the right ideas about helping poor people, the ones I'd like to demonstrate with them before the world. But...can Republicans put their money where their mouths are?
Here's the book that discusses it in detail, anyway. The more I read of this book--slowly, Twittering through it--the better I'm liking it. Buy it new to show respect.
Score one for the animals, zero for the dam stupid "environmental quality" regulations:
Warning: I'm using two different computers today, a public-access desktop model while the laptop goes through its lame "updates" routine, and one of these computers will open this cartoon strip and the other will not. If your computer will run it, here's a very cute, heartwarming cartoon strip.
Free Stuff
Like gift cards? Here's an easy way to earn them. It takes a while, but Yougov really does pay approximately US$0.45 per survey, redeemable in gift cards.
Free webinars with a vegan-friendly doctor (married to a nutritionist):
Pending legislation in Tennesseee...also New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Minnesota.
I don't normally pay any attention to the "Hallmark Holidays" that were created just to give some employees some time off work. I think these holidays are more of an inconvenience than anything else. However, it's worth mentioning that, in addition to Martin Luther King Day and/or Lee/Jackson Day, yesterday was also Grandma Bonnie Peters' eighty-first birthday.
She is starting to show her age, finally. I don't altogether blame the Wal-Mart near her home for not having hired her yet. But she still wants to walk to work. (And she still has a choice of people who will either walk or drive with her.)