Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28 Link Log

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Personally, I think these little garter snakes are cute and lovable...I couldn't live with them, though. My house snake Gulegi was sent into this world on a mission to keep all other snakes, except a friend or two who visits him in the spring, away from his house. (In his mind I'm sure the Cat Sanctuary is his house.) He has been carrying out this mission for more than forty years now; during that time he's shed a slightly longer skin each year. If cornered by a human he's big enough to chomp hard, maybe crack a bone--but he's very good at avoiding being seen by humans. And other snakes are his favorite thing...for breakfast.

Crows...y'know, before West Nile Virus, many of us in the U.S. didn't notice or even care how cute and clever they are.

Feminist Activist Updates 

Here's a town that desperately needs to rethink a stupid law. If everyone out there sends the town a few postcards expressing support for this heroic teenager, we can literally lean some weight on the town officials to commend the girl instead of squawking about her (awesomely brave) decision to risk relying on a relatively less lethal weapon.

Food (Yum) 

Have you ever tried baking vegetables, and/or cooked or canned meat or fish, right into bread? I have; it can work well with gluten-free breads. Fruit is excellent in sweet breads, too.

Frugal Fun 

Frugal fun in Australia:

Health News 

Zika virus explained:

Doctors for vegans:

And a startling study shared by Steve Milloy...sometimes studies just get an atypical sample group, but this one is interesting.


Jonah Goldberg: