Monday, January 4, 2016

Book Review: The Ghost in the Attic

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A Fair Trade Book
Title: The Ghost in the Attic
Author: Robyn Supraner
Date: 1979
Publisher: Troll Associates
ISBN: 0-89375-095-6
Length: pages not numbered
Illustrations: watercolors by Eulala Conner
Quote: “One morning, when Peter was eating his oatmeal, he heard a funny sound.”
It turned out to be a ghost. However, in the world Supraner invents for this book, there’s nothing frightening, dangerous, or “occult” about ghosts; they’re merely a different humanoid species. They start out young and have to learn how to do what the adults of their kind do. Peter, who is about the age of the intended readers of this book (grades one through three), has found a “ghostling” close to his own age.
This is an advanced picture book. Each two-page spread still contains a picture, but the words tell the story; the pictures are decorations.
The amount of wear my discarded library copy has received shows that children enjoy this book. It’s never made the top ten list, but it does seem to keep primary school students reading up to 50 or 100 words per page, and sounding out odd, even contrived words like “ghostling.”
Robyn Supraner is a living, active author who's written many other picture books, and recorded some of them as audiobooks. She even has a Linked In account, although Linked In now demands that I log in there to find her link (one more reason why very little ever happens on Linked In).
Accordingly, The Ghost in the Attic is a Fair Trade Book. You can find better prices on secondhand copies on Amazon by clicking on the picture, and since I sold the copy I physically owned long ago, you can expect that I'll resell a copy from Amazon if you buy it from me...for $5 per copy + $5 per package + $1 per online payment. However, there are two good reasons to buy it from me, which I'll spell out here (regular readers may skip).
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