Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1 Link Log

I'm still way behind on e-mail. Will I ever catch up?! Categories: Animals, Books, Censorship, Disasters, Food, Funny, Pictures, Politics, Women's there's not even time for Zazzle links.


It's another cat day (in terms of Petfinder links). Again, the first animal-related page featured Mudpie the tortoiseshell cat. To be fair, today I looked for gray cats:

Zachary from New York:
Daffodil from D.C.:
Blossom from Atlanta:


The teasers for Small Town Roads keep coming. I hope this book stays in print long enough that I can buy it by participating in just-barely-paying web sites.

Meanwhile, it occurs to the folks at Awakin, and it seems possible to me, that some young readers may not yet have discovered Annie Dillard--a superstar writer/philosopher who retired after writing more than half a dozen books full of this kind of lush, sensuous writing:

If you like the clips, here's the classic book. (Dillard was from Pennsylvania, but there's little argument that she did her best writing in and about Virginia.) And I apologize to readers of my own generation, all of whom I'm sure already own Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, but I've spent almost the whole day on book reviews, and am reaching a point of Amazon Overdose. Time to go home and let it wear the literary company of P.J. O'Rourke, whose book about our generation came in the mail along with the three books about California cuisine.


Rick Santorum states the case:


Dolly Parton has always been unmatchable, but if any rich people are reading this, youall are welcome to try.

Don't we all thank fire fighters? And thank God for them?

Food (Yum) 

"Anybody can quit cold's harder to quit smoking." This web site hopes that none of you ever even started smoking. For those who'd like to continue using up the cold turkey, here's a tangy salad recipe (arguably even better without the turkey) shared by Bruce at Grassfire:

He also shared this recipe for those who've finished the turkey and want to move on to something warm:


Cards Against Humanity raised $71,000 by asking people to send them $5 for nothing? I want their mailing list! Gentle Readers, for years I've been asking you to send me $5 for this blog!


Here's the kind of honeysuckle that's native to the Eastern States, still blooming in an oncoming snowstorm:

The photo is the interesting part of this post...Could this story have been faked? It's not hard to burn away the less dramatically relevant parts of a printed page. If the page was deliberately burned...would that make the message less relevant? Your call, Gentle Readers.

Here's a proposed flag for asexuals:


Supporting Scott Adams' claims that President-elect Trump, who can seem a clumsy communicator, is in fact a past-master of communication in his way...because By casting his dutiful daughter as the token leftist in his White House (and the only female he's ever really loved), Donald Trump has set up a strategy that will allow him to appease the Loony Left as much as necessary, while acting the Raunchy Rightist as much as his fans demand. (He's learned from W Bush, whose "bipartisan appeal" to serious politics-watchers, as well as his ability to adapt the "blonde" stereotype whether he was physically qualified to use it or not, gave W a second presidential term regardless of how many speeches W made deploring the very things his administration had done during his first term.)

Did SA's post actually call Ivanka's announcement before it happened? I had opened this post hours before that Blaze report went live. (I hadn't read and linked it, though. Before leaving the computer center I usually open a dozen or so pages I then try to read offline or, if not, read in the morning.)

The idea that the President-elect knows what he's doing becomes alarming when Trump (or his social media consultant) referred to ISIS "taking credit," as opposed to blame, for the Ohio attacks.

Women's Issues 

I'm quoting from Penny Nance's e-mail, with its embedded links, in memory of a Cherokee teenager in Tennessee who told me, with passionate intensity, how teachers and social workers had urged her to "choose" abortion over adoption. (She had chosen adoption--and maintained her choice with credible threats of violence.) Marilou Awiakta and Alice Walker had some more to say on this subject, back in the 1990s, and PN reports that the situation is not improving.

Minority women do need access to quality health care. But abortion is not health care. And that is Planned Parenthood’s focus.

Annual abortions to African-Americans and Hispanics account for 55.4% of all abortions reported by race. That number is very troubling considering the fact that black and Hispanic women comprise only 29% of the total U.S. population.

Big Abortion’s targeting of minority communities must be stopped today!

I refuse to believe that the best way to help poor minority women who are pregnant is to tell them the only way to better themselves is to abort their babies. We need to support them and their babies through community health centers whose revenue is not through abortion.