Friday, December 9, 2016

December 8 Link Log

This post was interrupted when some idjit knocked down a pole up near the top of Moccasin Ridge, thereby cutting off all electric power in Gate City and Weber City for a few hours on the coldest evening so far this winter. We sooo need to move beyond the idea of a "power grid." Anyway, December 8's Categories: Animals, Books, Crafts, International, Nice, Obituary, Zazzle.


It's a cat day. For those who don't know, although these animal pictures are the editor's picks of the cutest three out of fifty animal pictures the editor viewed, the caption below each picture links to a site where you can actually adopt a homeless animal similar to the one in the picture--possibly the same one. (The editor will probably, eventually, search lists further from home than Atlanta and New York City; currently masses of adorable pet pictures from East Coast states are still awaiting consideration.) If you would rather adopt a different kind of animal, you don't have to wait for me to check out that photo list! You can just go to and type in the kind of animal you're looking for; they list rabbits, horses, and other critters as well as all breeds and colors of dogs and cats.

Sophie from Atlanta:
Prissy from Columbia, Maryland:
Marshall from New York:

Poem in memory of Sammy-cat:


I've not read this one, but John Stossel recommends:


Crochet kits from + :


Lo peor es que muchos si tienen miedo...I mean (the way some things unconsciously activate the Spanish part of my brain probably interests me more than it does you), the worst part of this story is that a lot of these people do have reasons to be afraid if they're sent back home. As in "Get some kind of domestic work in the U.S. or starve on the street as a burnt-out, disease-infested hooker, 'too old' to compete at 19." As in "If you find a job and 'pay your ransom' with money from somewhere where the police don't know you, we won't have to kill you." People who "illegally immigrate" to places where they have no friends and don't speak the language just about have to be seriously afraid of something. We live in a world with a serious human overpopulation problem, and the technology that's displacing unskilled labor isn't helping.

Wal-Mart at least seems to be trying. Oh, if you're trying to get through the winter by selling handcrafts, which I am, Wal-Mart is very trying.


Beautiful thoughts, shared in aid of firefighters. (Sponsors donate money if you comment.)

A school for street beggars teaches them to move up to making handcrafts:


John Glenn, age 95:


Dog greeting cards...

The cat did it! Funny Christmas Naughty Dachshund Card

The cat did it! Funny Christmas Naughty Dachshund Card

by kikiwayVintage

Cat greeting cards...

Dancing Cat Birthday Card

Dancing Cat Birthday Card

by Siberianmom

...and what about...chicken greeting cards?

Rabbit rooster hens farm animals bunnies card

Rabbit rooster hens farm animals bunnies card