Friday, December 9, 2016

Saving the Overcrowded Sea Lions

Here's another petition this web site will not be endorsing, because it's so...dense! suggests that the author's brain has been adversely affected by human population density! If the sea lions' rising population density is becoming an inconvenience to humans, it's becoming even more than an inconvenience to the sea lions. For their own good, these animals need population thinning...preferably in the form of encouragement to spread out into wider territory, since sea lions are cute, but whatever it takes.

I'm sure the petitioner would rather see sea lions chased off rocks with blasts of water than see the poor animals succumb to plagues caused by living in piles of their own excrement, which is widely reported to be a traumatic sight for wild animal lovers. Many people who've watched animals die from infections find it easier just to kill the animals..."humanely" is their preferred word.

The La Jolla Town Council Task Force on California Sea Lions has drafted a Call to Action to initiate "prompt and effective action to move and exclude California Sea Lions" from La Jolla Cove beach, part of their natural habitat and the sea lion's natural breeding habitat. They are attempting to remove the animals due to their population rising which is causing stench and occasional poor water quality. They state that it's an issue of public health because it prevents ocean swimmers from swimming in certain regions, but it is not appropriate to exclude animals from their natural habitat simply because they pose as an inconvenience to humans. As an easy alternative, they should instead focus on rerouting swimmers, residents, and tourists to nearby city beaches. Residents of La Jolla and tourists are able to visit La Jolla Shores beach as a safe and favorable alternative, as this beach does not provide residence for the sea lions as they favor the Cove. They seek to push the sea lions to a different settlement, at the expense of tax payers. Preventing sea lions from having a place to rest, molt, and give birth is unacceptable. The La Jolla Town Council provides an anecdote that is supposed to justify eradicating sea lions: "the traditional La Jolla 10 mile relay has been moved from La Jolla Cove to a less convenient and scenic location at La Jolla shores." Due to the sea lions habitat being at the La Jolla Cove, naturally their feces would be present in the water, causing natural, but occasional, issues with water quality. The city has already taken action to rid sea lions of their habitat: the LJTC has approved a measure to install plastic barriers that prevent the sea lions from reaching the rocks at the Cove. It is also suggested by Steve Haskins, the former president of the LJTC, that the city harass the animals by spraying them with water, which they do not like. This would unnecessarily stress out the animals and put the people spraying them in danger. Sea lions are a species that present no danger to humans as long as they do not feel threatened or provoked. The sea lions even help the city, by promoting eco-tourism to the area. Please help stop the senseless and harmful measures to prevent sea lions from accessing their own habitat.  Do not let the selfish desires of the LJTC threaten this species that seeks only a place to rest and live. Together, we can prevent the LJTC from removing the sea lion population and ensure that the sea lions are protected and respected. This is an opportunity to give the voiceless a voice: help stop actions put forth to eradicate the sea lion population as if they were pests.