Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shirts and Other Fashion Statements

(Cut from the Link Log due to length...this is where today's Zazzle links are going. I want to try putting the Zazzle links in a separate post from the Amazon photo links because lately they've been generating cookie clashes. Let's see if the Zazzle links behave properly in isolation. For those who've not noticed, the way the Zazzle links work is that Zazzle sends members a link to what's on sale for that particular day, so if you click on the link to buy one of these shirts today you pay less than you might next week...unless the site runs an even bigger sale next week; y'never know. However, at the time of posting a Zazzle link goes to something that's "on sale.")

I could ask Northern-born Noah Leech (yes, Leech) how it was possible for him not to find a worthier cause to have printed on his "hoodie" shirts.


Y'know, at Zazzle I usually look for cute animal or flower pictures, but people are making all sorts of current philosophical statements. This web site has shared pictures of vegan-friendly shirts, patriotic shirts, shirts designed in aid of charity...It is, however, part of some people's experience of being a teenager that they feel compelled to wear something that triggers unpleasant emotions in adults. To those teenagers I say, please try to grow up and find things you can support for more positive reasons than just being uncharitable. Adults' blood pressure generally tends to run high enough without your aggravation. To the adults I say, please get a grip on your emotional reactions; a little hysteria about this kid's shirt seems to be creating a rash of Confederate motifs on the backs of half-grown Northerners. As a Southerner I could probably work myself into a lather about "microaggression" and "culture appropriation" and blah blah on and on ad nauseam, but my natural reaction is laughter--not the nice kind of laughter, either. What needs to be absolutely banned from the schools is censorship.

Dylann Roof is not entitled to claim the Confederate flag. It was designed by and for Real Men, however misguided, and has no relevance when misappropriated by a..."pismire" is too good a word for that...intestinal parasite of a dead rat. The case could be made that the Confederate flag might be a good emblem for male anti-Trump statements. The word "Yankee" is sometimes used in a friendly tone--Southerners who claim Northerners as friends can even appreciate those friends' distinctly "Yankee virtues" of practicality and efficiency and suchlike. The word "Yankee-ish" is not used in a friendly tone. It describes our President-elect perfectly. In fact I'm not sure that it's ever fitted anyone else, or ever will fit anyone else, quite so well as it fits Donald Trump. Northerners don't like "Yankee-ish" behavior either. If they want to make the statement that Trump is so "Yankee-ish" that he makes them feel like Confederates, that would make...oh, about as much sense as uptight, censorious left-wingers being called "liberal." Or a pink hat designed to form little "cat ears" being the female statement of opposition to a boor who was caught uttering a rude word, which literally means a cat, in public...(I knitted my pink hat over the weekend, and am taking orders.)


But for shirts...we can do so much better than this. Personally, I'm an aunt, and I usually dress like one when I'm in town. The significance of my wearing jeans and T-shirts when I'm not doing a labor-type job is "I desperately need a laundry barter arrangement." But local lurkers may have noticed me wearing Dollywood shirts lately. Yes, the significance of that motif is what (I hope) you thought it was.

Are you a vegan? Even a part-time vegan? Even just mindful of what you eat? Check out the McDougalls' new "It's the Food" shirts, hats, and backpacks.


Are you more concerned about avoiding GMO's and glyphosate than about any special diet plan?


(If you type "GMO T-shirt" into Google, you'll see images of shirts that make bolder statements than this, including one that would definitely violate this web site's contract and almost certainly get students sent home from school. Wear it as an undershirt, flash it in the locker room, see if someone attractive sidles up to you and asks if it's true what s/he heard about your undershirt...)

Are you sympathetic to endangered wildlife?


Are you anti-fracking? (Are you...actually...pro-fracking? This site actually offers shirts for both sides.)


Do you just like snarkiness?


Do you like sloths...or are you prone to the Deadly Sin of sloth?

Funny Santa Sloths Ugly Christmas Sweater

Funny Santa Sloths Ugly Christmas Sweater

by mothersdaisy

You're reading this, therefore you must like computers.

Funny how .. the computer suddenly starts working. T-Shirt

Funny how .. the computer suddenly starts working. T-Shirt

by patowmack

Or...anyone for physics?

Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science T-Shirt

Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science T-Shirt

by mapshoppe