Friday, December 9, 2016

December 9 Link Log

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It's a dog day...police dogs:

Kai from Potomac:
Taz from Atlanta...the picture may be misleading, since the shelter says he's a large, senior dog:

Sierra from New York: honor of this cute police/dog story:

Here's a smaller dog:

Wild animals: puffins...

Did you know you could buy breakfast cereal that helps maintain puffins' habitat? (I reviewed this cereal for Associated Content almost ten years ago. It's still good.)

Barbara's Puffins Cereal, Original, 10 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Bird researchers:

Are giraffes becoming an endangered species?


Shared because I liked this book/movie too:

Children's books:


+Beth Ann Chiles took some great close-up photos of the 9-11-01 commemorative quilt:


In honor of National Brownie Day, here's a classic brownie recipe that's not "free from" anything--it includes (lots of) sugar, white flour, butter, eggs, and alcohol. Tweaking this one to fit into most health-oriented diet plans would make it a completely different recipe, but since the baking process involves evaporating out either water or alcohol, you could substitute strong black coffee for the liqueur and get a similar bittersweet coffee-chocolate flavor. King Arthur (brand) gluten-free flour works well in brownies. Substitutions for the butter, eggs, and sugar are your problem.

Tamale pie, savory and naturally gluten-free (if you can trust your source of cornmeal):

Less-usual things to do with cooked rice:

Exotic grains that will grow in Virginia, and some trendy ways to cook them:


Reverse psychology:


Another installment of why being the caretaker totally stinks (and what you can do if someone you know has become the "caretaker" of a sick relative).


Pertinent to this web site's current series of links to carols...


Why Irish-Americans are sentimental about Ireland...and why we don't go back.


President-elect Trump gets a life and rescinds threats to ruin the view of a beach in Ireland:

And a neighborhood restaurant demonstrates how and why socialism just does not work:

Stupidity Is a Choice 

Warning: blood pressure may spike if you read this: "I had to do it," Dylann Roof said, because "I'm not in a position to" shoot criminals, so shooting a lot of grandparents and little children in a church is the next best...There's an old Army acronym that actually fits this fool better even than "stupidity." It is "FUBAR." I mean I'm not sure that scum-boy would even be useful in medical research, because he's not fully human.

Women's Issues 

This is a schoolgirl's issue; I thank the schoolgirl for raising it. Because I was her age, once, I'll say this. When you know you can stand up for yourself, you appreciate anyone else who's willing to stand up for/with/beside you. Like (do high school students still say "like..."?), that person has (do high school students still say "got your back"?). Or like, walking thirty miles at the beginning of a work day will really help you appreciate a good car pool. Think about it, Ms. Junior.


Roger Aronoff on "fake news"...this is so not new. It's just that we've all become accustomed to the mix of fact and fiction in "newspapers" like the National Enquirer. Did anyone really think the same type of "news" sites wouldn't pop up on the Internet?


More tote bags...

Cat Large Tote Bag

Cat Large Tote Bag


Dalmatian dog beautiful photo, gift tote bag

Dalmatian dog beautiful photo, gift tote bag

by roughcollie

Chicks Rule! Baby Chick Humorous Funny Tote Bag

Chicks Rule! Baby Chick Humorous Funny Tote Bag

by Past2Present