Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21 Link Log

I've spent most of the day pre-posting book reviews, but there's time for a few links. E-mail? I want to petition for e-mail amnesty and start all over in January....or what about March, when snow days should also be behind us? Categories: Books, Food, Health, Holidays, Petition, Pictures, Politics, Writing. I barely squeezed in the Amazon link, after linking to Amazon all day. Zazzle and Petfinder later this week, if it doesn't snow, which at the moment it looks just about to start doing.


J.K. Rowling teases fans:


Dan Lewis reports on why a relatively unpopular U.S.-made snack became madly popular in Japan:


Steve Milloy caught the logical fallacy in a study blaming "nitrites in processed meat" for a (still debatable) correlation between processed meat consumption and asthma. I'm wondering...what about GMO grain and glyphosate residues in the meat? Nitrites aren't healthy, but are they, in this case, a red herring?


Bingers...according to the site's own metrics, seem to have figured this out for themselves, but why not share it? If you don't have time to mail holiday cards, check out the cardinal and reindeer images that come up when you search for "Bing holiday cheer".


Yet another "Petition I'm Not Signing" trigger...I don't want to take the time for a full-length post about it. Short answer: This petitioner has a just cause, but needs to think outside of the "expand government" box. Why not direct the report to a private contractor? That tends to move faster than setting up Official Government Offices and Policies and so blah blah blah on forevermore, anyway.


Here's a Real Ohio Joke! Much as I wish that those calling for "Wordless Wednesday" would give my browser and me, in exchange, "Graphics-Free Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday."

For cartoon lovers and Wonder Woman fans everywhere...yourall's problem with this post may be that it contains more of Gal Gadot's words than of her pictures. "Gal Gadot" sounds like a cartoon character's name to me--so maybe the purpose of the post is to document that she's a human actress, more sober and articulate than some.


This web site wouldn't have been the first to laugh at a Democrat expression of rancor about the election. This web site, however, thinks it's obvious that the Democrat who posted this free-verse poem is laughing at self. Having determined that, yes, I laughed too. (Trigger warning: non-Christian, non-conservative content...oh wait, Christians and conservatives hardly ever need to brace themselves for that.)

Scott Adams...gloats? (Remember, he started out more pro-Clinton than pro-other-candidates, then decided Trump was the best example of persuasion skills. Then again, he ignored things like Trump's nonverbal threat to run as a spoiler if the Republicans didn't nominate him.) I'm interested in seeing whether the Twitter image will update; if you click to open it in a separate tab, you can now read the results on Twitter.


Will this blog take a hiatus in January? Possibly, if I do the bill-reading thing again, or if we get a lot of snow. If so, you should expect to see book reviews appear on schedule but no rants, Link Logs, or public correspondence from elected officials.